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3rd ani special website
3rd ani big banner 3rd count 7
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2days3rdanniversary 1day3rdanniversary


Card 1013440 thumbCard 1012850 thumb

Log in for lots of stones and Kais!

3rd thankyou passion port
Incredible Hourglasses x7 too!

+30 character slots added!

3rd first place
First Rank again! 28 more stones! First time in the Philippines

Super special first place rewards!

3rd stones amount 3rd log in gifts 1st

See you tomorrow



Buy and Sell

3rd coins shop
Coins Shop
3rd special select stone
Free Red Stone
3rd premium stone big
Stones Shop: Purple Stone Time!
Stone Sale!


- 5 stones for the price of 1 (once per day)

- 50 stones for the price of 6 (once only)

- 80% off for 12 stones (once only)

- 50% off for 32 stones (once only)

- Get 50 extra stones when you buy the 100 stones pack (6 times)

3rd ani boost pack
Big Rip
3rd biggest rip
The Biggest Rip


3rd discount summons left 3rd discount summons right
Classic discount summons! Click on the left or right side for the specific banners!
3rd banner phy 3rd banner int 3rd banner agl

3rd banner teq 3rd banner str

Extra Potential Orbs given with summons. Didn't spend all your stones yet...? HOW?!?
3rd ticket summon banner
Special Friend Summon has begun!
EN news banner gasha 7550 large
Friend Summon 2.0

Gain bonus items when multi summoning!

- Any one of the Grand Kais (AGL/TEQ/INT/STR/PHY)

- Awakening Medals

- Support Items

- Training Locations

- Training Items

- x6000 Friend Points


3rd ani dokkan foes
Dokkan Events all open!
3rd boss rush
New Boss Rush
News banner event 159 small
Go Goku! Six Days to Galaxy's Edge
News banner event 537 smallNews banner event 536 small
The Ultimate Pair (Present World) / The Ultimate Pair (The Otherworld)
3rd quest quad
Quest Mode Guide

Extra News

3rd movie


3rd stamina shorter
Play more!
3rd training succes
Train to Gain


3rd porunga small
Click here to go help summon Porunga
News banner plain Twitter 300000 C large 1
Fantastic rewards!
3rd porunga wishes
Porunga's Wishes 
Porunga Special Campaign Part 1
Click here to choose your wish
Porunga Special Campaign Part 2
Click here to choose your wish
Porunga Special Campaign Part 3
Click here to choose your wish
3rd stamina campaign3rd Last step
Consume stamina to win stuff! Click the image to find out how much stamina we have consumed!
3rd sta details

3rd ani ver more
3rd ani banner part2
Part 2 is here!
3rd login 2

3 stones a day!

3rd ani missions 2

More missions for EZA Gohan

33 stones to complete all missions!

LR Summons

Summon LR BlackSummon LR TrunksSummon LR GohanSummon LR BrolySummon LR Vegeta Majin

Chase your dreams, have them crushed!

Ginyu Force Events

En news banner secret 153 C
New event for a team of 5 characters is here!
Zhard 12 Boss Type Drop Rate CExp RExp Zeni DS icon
Level 1: Special Training (All Week)
Tag agl bur Thumb Burter AGL TUR EAGL icon Thumb Burter AGL SSR 0-1 15000 7777 22777 1
Tag teq gul Thumb Guldo TEQ TUR ETEQ icon Thumb Guldo TEQ SSR 0-1 15000 7777 22777 1
Tag int gin Thumb Ginyu INT TUR EINT icon Thumb Ginyu INT SSR 0-1 15000 7777 22777 1
Tag str jei Thumb Jeice STR TUR ESTR icon Thumb Jeice STR SSR 0-1 15000 7777 22777 1
Tag phy rec Thumb reecoombe PHY TUR EPHY icon Thumb Reecoombe PHY SSR 0-1 15000 7777 22777 1
Tag agl burTag teq gul

Tag int gin Tag str jei Tag phy rec

Thum 1010190 EAGL icon

1 20000 7777 27777 1
3rd recrute
EN news banner gasha 0813 large
Rewarding bonus for the end of the 3rd Anniversary!

  • Thumb Grand Kai AGLThumb Grand Kai TEQThumb Grand Kai INTThumb Grand Kai STRThumb Grand Kai PHY x3

  • Thumb pot orb 00001Thumb pot orb 00002Thumb pot orb 00003Thumb pot orb 00004Thumb pot orb 00005 x1300
  • Thumb pot orb 00006Thumb pot orb 00007Thumb pot orb 00008Thumb pot orb 00009Thumb pot orb 00010 x640
  • Thumb pot orb 00011Thumb pot orb 00012Thumb pot orb 00013Thumb pot orb 00014Thumb pot orb 00015 x60

  • Sugoroku jewel small 01 x777

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