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Summon Rates
Featured SSR icon.png (7)
7% (1% each)
SSR icon.png (47)
3% (0.015% each)
SR icon.png 60% R icon.png 30%
1 Guaranteed SSR icon.png per Multi-Summon
SSR icon.png 7%
SSR icon.png 93%
Gacha Coins
1 Summon Coin.png for each 5 DS icon.png used.
Summon rate calculator banner.png
DS Single Summon.png DS icon.png x5 or DS Multi Summon.png DS icon.png x50

Featured character.png
Card 1011020 thumb.pngCard 1011030 thumb.pngCard 1022660 thumb.pngCard 1022150 thumb.pngCard 1020020 thumb.pngCard 1022670 thumb.pngCard 1020520 thumb.png

Legendary character.png

Following cards are also in the mix but not as featured cards

Card 1023400 thumb.pngCard 1022920 thumb.pngCard 1018470 thumb.pngCard 1016820 thumb.pngCard 1011620 thumb.pngCard 1019380 thumb.pngCard 1016380 thumb.pngCard 1010150 thumb.png

Bonus Items.png

The following Bonus Item(s) can be obtained by performing Multi-Summons

Card 1003970 thumb.png x1