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Evil to possessed the Ki demon big
Quest top banner 506 2
Awakening Medals
Super Janemba
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 4 Feb 2016 Info Icon
Global server 8 Jul 2016 Info Icon
Weakness Super Saiyan
Increase Drop No increased drop
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Chara banner 1010871 smallTemp Janemba smallChara banner 1009391 small 2
The SUPER 2 difficulty is now available! Take down the fiend who dominates the dimension!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Innocent Monstrosity
Normal 5 Thum 1002790 1 STR icon 1500 1500 3200 No 1
Hard 7 Thum 1002790 1 STR icon 4000 4000 6000 No 1
Zhard 10 Thum 1002790 1 ESTR icon 8000 8000 12500 Support 4 1
Level 2: Demon of War
Zhard 20 1stThum 1002790 1
2ndThum 1005050 1
ESTR icon
EINT icon
15000 80000 25000 Super Janemba 3-6 1
Level 3: Overwhelming Force of Evil!
Super2 25 1stSRAGLJanemba
2ndSSRAGLJanembaST Evade
3rdThum 1005050 1ST Evade
4thThum janemba ur strST Evade
AGL icon
EAGL icon
EINT icon
ESTR icon
20000 120000 30000 Super Janemba 7 1

Additional information
  • Janemba is weak against any cards that possess the Link Skill Super Saiyan.
  • In level 3 and starting from 2nd stage, Janemba has a 40% chance to evade attacks. ST Evade
    • Janemba can also evade Counterattacks.
    • Janemba can evade even when stunned or when Ghost Usher is activated.
    • Janemba is unable to evade a Dokkan Attack.

Card_1016840_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1014210_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1014050_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1010160_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1016870_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1016810_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012720_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1007470_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1015030_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012900_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1010070_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1014220_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1011680_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1010440_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1012930_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1011720_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card 1017430 thumbCard 1016740 thumbCard 1016830 thumbCard 1015750 thumbCard 1015890 thumbCard 1016440 thumbCard 1015970 thumbThum 1010750Card 1016100 thumbThum agl tur xeno trunksThum TURgokussjAGIURAGLBrolyGotenThumbURAGLSSGotenksThumbThum agl SS2 GHThum 1009890Thum 1009830Thum 1009720Thum 1008930Thum 1008570Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441Thumb ssgssgoku 7258Thumb 1006790Thum 1003210 1Thum 1008560Thum 1005540 1Thum 1006740Thum vegeta LR URThum 1009350Thumb ss3 tur goku aglThumb 1013410Thumb 1013590Thumb 1013830Thumb 1014040Thumb 1014760 Card 1016860 thumbCard 1016800 thumbCard 4017100 thumbCard 4017090 thumbCard 1016030 thumbThumb teq tur GT trunksThum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQURTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumbURTEQGTVegetaThumbThum 1010260Thum 1008890Thum 1010270Thum 1010300VegetaSSGSSTecThum 1008870Thum 1009240Thum 1008530Thumb sgssgoku 7173Thumb SSGokuteq 6985GotenksSSJ3 baseThumb 1007810TEQDokkanSSJ3AThum 1009880Thum 1009940URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumbURTEQBioBrolyThumbMajinVegetaDokkanThum 1005550 1Thumb VB TUR TEQThumb 1013530Thumb 1011391Card 1014130 thumbCard 1015310 thumbCard 1016120 thumb Card 1017720 thumbCard 1016770 thumbCard 1016610 thumbURINTTankTopTrunksURINTSSGokuThumbURINTBuffkuThumbINTTURGodkuThumbURINTGokuJrThum goget ur intUR God-hanThum 1007140Thum 1009590Thum 1008540Thum 1005400 1Thum 1005390 1TURTrunksThumb 1011780Thumb 1012890Card 1014710 thumbCard 1014980 thumb Card 1017660 thumbCard 4017670 thumb v2Card 4017190 v1Card 1015650 thumbCard 1015900 thumbCard 1015770 thumbCard 1016050 thumbThum 1011380URSTRGTGokuThumbThum 1010320Thum 1009430Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33Thum 1010020Thum 1009740TURSTRTrunksThum 1009500Thum 1008920Thum 1008940Thum 1008550Thumb dokkangotenksstrThum 1005280 17556Thum 1005030 1URBrolySTRThum 1003800 1Thumb ss3 tur vegeta gt strThumb FTrunks TUR STR Thumb Rose TUR STRURSTRVegeta&BulmaThumThumb 1013600Thumb 1012330Card 1015870 thumb Card 1016900 thumbCard 1016510 thumbCard 1011340 thumbCard 1016450 thumbCard 1016000 thumbURPHYSS2GohanURPHYSuperKaiokenThumbURPHYBrolyTrunksThumbURPHYSS3GotenksThumbPHYTURGodkuThumbThum SS2 Saiya URThum 1010310Thum 1010250Thum 1009920Thum 1009730TURPHYTrunksSuperTrunksPHYThum 1009330Thum 1008580Thum 10098601011710 thumbURPHYSSJ3BrolyThumbThumb vegeta UR PhyThumb 1007460Thumb 1012380Thumb 1012920Thumb 1013430Thumb 1013860Card 1015880 thumb
Card 1017540 thumbCard 1015740 thumbCard 1015960 thumbSSRAGLSS2CaulifaThumbThum 1009190Thum 1009820Thum 1003040Thum 1007920Thumb 1008410Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) Thumbnail REALThum 1004370 1Thum 1000010 1Thum 1001480 1Flowering Super Power Super Saiyan Goten (Kid)Thum 1002700 1Thum 1004350 1Thum 1001790 1Thum 1002080 1Thum 1003020 1Thum 1003600 1Thum 1003690 1Thum 1004680 1Thum 1004220 1Thum 1004990 1Thum 1005780 1Thum vegeta LR SSRThum 1009340SSRAGLSS3TrunksThumThumb 1008190Thumb 1013170Thumb 1013820 Card 1016850 thumbCard 1016020 thumbThum SSRgogetaSSJ4TEQSSRTEQSSJ2VegetaThumbSSRTEQBrolyTrunksThumbThum 1010240SSRVegetaSSGSSThum 1007440Thumb brokuGotenks ssr teq D baseThumb ssgotenksteqThumb ssgssvegeta 6901Thumb sscabbaThumb 1005360Thumb 1005720Thum 1003180 1Thum 1002990 1Thum 1003500 1Thum 1004010 1Thum 1004070 1Thum 1005070 1Thum 1004200 2Thum 1003240 1Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailThum 1005500 1Thum 1004040 1Thum 2000230 1Thum 1005770 1Thum 1004210 1SSRSSJ3BROLYTHUMBSSRTEQBioBrolyThumbThum 1000020 1Thum 1001930 1Thum 1006300Thumb VB SSR TEQThumb 1013920Thumb SS4 Goku TEQ SSRCard 1015300 thumb Card 1015640 thumbSSRINTSSJAngelGokuThumbSSRINTBrolyGotenThumbThum gogeta ssr intSSR God-hanThum 1009750Thumb trunksintThumb gotenksintThum 1005350Card 1006760 thumbBardock300Thum 1001590 1Thum 1001390 1Thum 1003260 1Thum 1004750 1Thum 1005620 1Thum 1004740 1SSRTrunksThum 1006320intSSRINTSS3GohanThumThumb 1011770Card 1012850 thumbSpook tenks thumbThumb 1013660 Card 1016210 thumbCard 1015760 thumbCard 1016040 thumbSSRSTRCabbaThumbSSRSTRGolderWarriorThumbThum 1009420Thum 1009530Thum 1009560Thum 1008520Thum 1003990Thum 1010010Thum 1008760Thumb 6717Thumb gotenks strThum 1001700 1Thum 1001490 1Thum 1001920 1Thum 1000830 1Card 1005570 thumbThum 1004340 1Thum 1004360 1Thum 1001800 1Thum 1002090 1Thum 1003230 1Thum 1004690 1SSR SSJ2 Trunks STRThum 1005220 1Thum 1005270 1Thum 1005160 1Thum 1005640 1Thum 1006750Thum 2000640 1Thumb FTrunks SSR STRThumb Rose SSR STRSSRSTRSS2VegetaThumThumb 1013180Thumb 1014090Thumb 1014270Thumb 1014400Xenoku 3 thumbThumb 1013640 Card 1017530 thumbCard 1016690 thumbCard 1015850 thumbCard 1015990 thumbCard 1011740 thumbSSRPHYSuperKaiokenThumbSSRPHYSS3GotenksThumbSSRPHYAngerTrunksThumb ssgssgoku 5500Thum 1009320Thumb ssgssgoku 6809Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid)Thum 1005180SSR Great Saiyaman SSJ2 PhyThum 1003190 1Thum 1003350 1Thum 1003290 1Thum 1003200 1Thum 1004080 1Thum 1003270 1Thum 1004380 1Thum 1004720 1Thum 1003030 1Thumb 1007450Thum 1006310Thum 1000840 1Thum 2000630 1Thumb 1012580SSRPHYKaflaThumThumb 1007410Thumb 1013850Thumb 1013930Thumb 1014280Xenogeta 3 thumb
Thum 1002580 1Thum 1004440 1Thum 1003280 1Thum 1003680 1Thumb 5361Thumb FTrunks SR AGL Thum 1004200japThum 1004280 1Thum 1003130 1Thum 1005090 1 Thum 1003890 1Thum 1002420 1Thum 1005100 1Thum 1003220 1 Thum 1003990 1Thum 1002570 1Thum 1003170 1Thum 1004840 1Thum 1004760 1 Card 1016430 thumbCard 1011730 thumbThum 1002690 1Thum 1003750 1Thum 1002200 1

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Thum 1002800 1 Super Janembax10 Thum 1005050 1
Thum 1008780 Super Janembax7 Thum 1008790
SSRSTRPikkonThumb Super Janembax3 URSTRPikkonThumb
SSRPHYSuperKaiokenThumb Super Janembax3 URPHYSuperKaiokenThumb
SRAGLJanemba Super Janembax21 SSRAGLJanemba SSRAGLJanembax4 / x18 Thum 1002800 1SSRSTRJanemba
SSRSTRJanemba Super Janembax77 Thum janemba ur str
Total amount for all
Super Janemba x121 Super Janemba x84 / 378 Super Janemba =583

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