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Awakening Medals
SS Movie Gogeta
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 26 Dec 2018
Global server 13 Feb 2019
Weakness DBS: Broly (& Paragus)
Increase Drop No increased drop
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Chara banner 1015971 smallChara banner 1016031 smallChara banner 1016051 small
Witness the advent of the strongest fusion! Secure victory in the extremely fierce battle!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: The Omnipotent Saiyan Warrior
Zhard 20 1stCard 1016040 thumb
2ndCard 1016020 thumb
3rdCard 1015960 thumb St immune stun St immune reduce ATK St immune seal St immune lower defense
STR icon
TEQ icon
AGL icon
15000 100000 25000 SS Movie Gogeta 3-6 1
Super2 25 1stCard 1016040 thumb
2ndCard 1016020 thumb
3rdCard 1015960 thumb St immune stun St immune reduce ATK St immune seal St immune lower defense
4thCard 4015980 V1 St immune stun St immune reduce ATK St immune seal St immune lower defense
SSTR icon
STEQ icon
SAGL icon
SAGL icon
20000 120000 35000 SS Movie Gogeta



Additional information
  • Broly and Paragus from the Broly movie will deal increased damage.

Card 1014510 thumb Card 1016080 thumbCard 1014980 thumb Card 1016000 thumb
Card 1016060 thumb Card 1016070INT thumbCard 1014530 thumb Card 1015990 thumb

Base card Quantity Awakened card Dupes needed Raised SA
Card 1015960 thumb SS Movie Gogetax77 Card 1015970 thumb
Card 1016020 thumb SS Movie Gogetax35 Card 1016030 thumb
Card 1016040 thumb SS Movie Gogetax35 Card 1016050 thumb
Total amount for all
SS Movie Gogeta x147 SS Movie Gogeta x0 SS Movie Gogeta =147

Can't beat the boss?

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