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Well then, you guys summoned me.
Fresh air is really good, I feel alive again.
I can go wild and do whatever I want...
I won't be ordered around by you humans anymore!!"

During the 4th Anniversary celebration, there are 7 Dragon Balls to collect. Each day you can collect a Dragon Ball via clearing "Wish Upon a Shenron" stages with specific requirements. Each stage is about a certain wish granted by Shenron (in chronological order), from which each of the seven Shadow Dragons was born.

Collect all the Dragon Balls to unlock a brand new Special Event and a new Extreme Z-Battle!

Ball Hint Condition(s) of acquiring the Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball 6 Clear Stage 1 while supporting allies with a lewd pig. Clear Stage 1 and obtain an Oolong (Oolong AGLOolong TEQ) Support Item.
Dragon Ball 2 Clear Stage 2 and obtain the strange water that amplifies your power manyfold. Clear Stage 2 and obtain a Sacred Water (Sacred water AGLSacred water TEQSacred water INTSacred water STRSacred water PHY) Training Item.
Dragon Ball 4 Clear Stage 3 with an ally who moves well, learns well, plays well, eats well, and rests well. Clear Stage 3 with at least 1 character with the "Turtle School" Link Skill.
Dragon Ball 5 Clear Stage 4 with the pure one of the warrior race. Clear Stage 4 with at least 1 character with the "Pure Saiyans" Category.
Dragon Ball 1 Clear Stage 5 with the Legendary Warrior who strikes fear into even Frieza. Clear Stage 5 with at least 1 character with the "Super Saiyan" Link Skill.
Dragon Ball 7 Clear Stage 6 with a bunch of Super Warriors of one color. Clear Stage 6 with a team made up of characters from Super Class and from the same Type.
Dragon Ball 3 Clear Stage 7 with an ally who played a role in the Majin Buu Saga. Clear Stage 7 with at least 1 character with the "Majin Buu Saga" Category.

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