Disable Guard Skill Effect
Jiren breaking through 17's barrier

Passive skill
No Type disadvantage when attacking
Disabling Guard allows characters to never hit with Type disadvantage, and deal at the very least neutral damage against any enemy. For example, an AGL character would be able to deal neutral damage to a TEQ enemy, without any damage reduction for being AGL. Once the enemy's guard has been disabled by an attack, it will stay down for the remainder of the turn.

Skill Upon attacking the enemy Condition
Card 1016740 thumbCard 1018500 thumbURINTHitThumbSSRAGLSS3TrunksThumSSRTEQCandyVegitoThumbSuper mira thumbSSRSTRKidBuuThum 2000810 1Xenogeta 3 thumbCard 1018170 thumbSRSTRBuffBuuThum 1001520 1Thum 1003950 1Thum 1001190 1Thum 1000400 1

Thumb 4013550

Awaken when HP is 50% or below

Card 4017140 transform

After using Active Skill

Super atk
Skill Upon attacking the enemy with a Super Attack Condition
Card 1015630 thumb
Alteration Thumb 4014750 30% chance to transform when HP is 50% or above, starting from the 4th turn from the start of battle

Hidden Potential
Pot skill critical
  • Give any card the chance to have a super effective attack, bypassing both the enemy's defense and Type advantage. You can raise the chance of performing a critical hit by 2% per level; there are 15 extra levels.

Skill Effect
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