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EN news banner event 555 C2 Transcendent Awakening Surpassing the Strongest
EN news banner event 502 4 C2 Horrific Cell Games
News banner event 525 small N Scarlet Flames of the Ultimate Saiyan 2
News banner event 526 small N Crimson Blaze of Glory The Invincible Saiyan 2
News banner event 550 small FullThrottleThrowdown
News banner event 552 small EN Blast MiracleOfBonds
News banner event 518 small N DarknessShroudingFuture
News banner event 546 small Meta Cooler Event
News banner event 551 small EN Earth-Shaking Showdown vs Vegeta small
News banner event 549 small Advent of Omnipotence
News banner event 548 small The Greatest Adversary of All
News banner event 515 small R The Terrifying Transforming Majin
News banner event 547 small Split-Second Assassin
News banner event 541 small Beacon of Hope in the War-Stricken Future
News banner event 542 small Battle-Hardened Saiyan Power Explodes
News banner event 524 small n Surpassing Even the Gods
News banner event 540 small The Invincible Strongest of the Strong
News banner event 543 small Defender of Beliefs and Dreams
En news banner event 545 small Earth Shaking Showdown Frieza
En news banner event 544 small Arth Shaking Showdown Goku
News banner event 539 small Sinister Destroyer of the Universe
News banner event 536 small Strongest Tag Team Gogeta
News banner event 537 small Strongest Tag Team Vegito
News banner event 534 small Ultimate Awaking in History
Event Hyrudigarn Dokkan small Phantom of Explsovice Demon Flames
News banner event 538 small Transcendent Descent Ultra Instinct
Event ssgss vegito dokkan 2 Blazing Blue Fusion
Event ss rose dokkan 2 Beautiful Rose Colored Terror
News banner event 533 small True Evil Resurrected from Hell
EN news banner event 512 small Supreme Fusion Blazing Potara
EN news banner event 531 small Wreaking Havoc Demon Over the Edge
EN news banner event 508 small Ultimate Awakened Power
Event Gotenks Dokkan small Unparallelled Paragon of Hope
Event Gogeta Super2 Dokkan small Inimitable Fusion
Event Janemba super2 dokkan small A Fiend Possessed
News banner event 529 small Mystery Warrior Born of Darkness
News banner event 528 small Warrior Returned from Otherworld
Event Kid Buu Dokkan small Pure Destruction and Carnage
Event dokkan Super17 small Ultimate Android Incarnation of Ambitions
EN news banner event 527 small Ultimate Transformation
EN news banner event 532 small Unrivaled Ultimate Fusion 2
EN news banner event 517 small Shadow of Dragons of Despair
Event SS Future Trunks small Miracle Sword of Light
Event Fusion Zamasu small Eternal God Distorter of Worlds
Event Gold Frieza Dokkan small Golden Emperor's Vengeance
Event SSB Goku Dokkan small Beyond God Ultimate Secret
Event Broly Dokkan small Berserker of Destruction
Event Beerus Dokkan small 7th Universe's GoD
Event SS3 Vegeta Dokkan small Power at the Pinnacle
Event Frieza Dokkan small Evil Emperor of the Universe
Event SS3 Goku Dokkan small Surpassing All

News banner event 554 small KEVgXSb
News banner event 553 small The Angry Warrior Super Saiyan
News banner event 522 1 small Miracle Sword of Light 2
News banner event 523 1 small Eternal God Distorter of Worlds 2

EN news banner event 521 small Strongest in the World
Event Yamcha Dokkan small Yamcha's Epic Clash

Weekly TagBonus TagStory TagStrike TagDokkan TagSpecial TagLimit TagPrime TagZ-Battle TagChallenge TagLimited Tag

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