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Quest top banner 330
Awakening Medals
Awak med gohan gtAwak med goten gtAwak med trunks gtAwak med baby vegeta 1 gtAwak med baby gt
Recruit Cards
Thum 1006270Thum 1006290int
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 7 Feb 2017
Global server 12 Jul 2017
Weakness No Weakness
Increase Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
EN Chara banner 1006020 smallEN chara banner 1006270 smallEN chara banner 1006300 smallChara banner 1006290 smallEN Chara banner 1006320 small
Expel the wicked monster consumed by vengeance! Collect Awakening Medals required to perform Dokkan Awakening!

Commandeering Vegeta's body and power, Baby has everyone on Earth at his control... Meanwhile, Goku was accidentally sent to the Board Game Domain due to Baby's vicious strike! Is it impossible to stop Baby's evil plan of turning everyone into Tuffles?

Difficulty Boss Type R.Exp Drop Rate Coin Satan DS icon
Level 1: The Board Game Domain!
Normal 8 ?space None 1600 Chichi (Nurse) 1 1
Zhard 15 ?space None 9900 Chichi (Nurse) 1-2 1
Level 2: The Trouble With Tuffles!
Normal 8 Thum 1006030Thum 1006280Thum 1006270Thum 1006290Thum 1010080 INT iconPHY iconTEQ iconSTR iconAGL icon 1600 Awak med gohan gt Awak med goten gtAwak med trunks gt 0-1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1006030Thum 1006280Thum 1006270Thum 1006290Thum 1010080 EINT iconEPHY iconETEQ iconESTR iconEAGL icon 9900 Awak med gohan gt Awak med goten gtAwak med trunks gt 0-1x3 1
Level 3: Majin Power Combined!
Normal 9 Thum 1006030 INT icon 1800 Thum 1006270 0-1 1
Zhard 16 Thum 1006030 EINT icon 10560 Thum 1006270 0-2 170 1
Level 4: Giant Ape Wreckin' Rampage!
Normal 9 Thum 1006030 INT icon 1800 Thum 1006290int 0-1 180 1
Zhard 16 Thum 1006030 EINT icon 10560 Thum 1006290int 0-2 180 1
Level 5: The Almighty Super Saiyan 4!
Normal 9 1stThum 1006030
2ndThumb Super Baby 33
INT icon
INT icon
1800 Baba Hercule Item 1 150 1
Zhard 16 1stThum 1006030
2ndThumb Super Baby 33
EINT icon
EINT icon
10560 Baba Hercule Item 1-2 250 1
Level 6: SS4 vs. Giant Ape Baby!
Normal 9 Thumb baby G ape INT icon 1800 Awak med baby vegeta 1 gt 1 1
Zhard 16 Thumb baby G ape EINT icon 10560 Awak med baby vegeta 1 gt 1-2 1

Additional Information
  • Stage 1
    • There is no boss in this stage.
    • You can choose between taking the left or the right path. There is a question on the board and taking the correct path gives rewards on ?space. Taking the wrong path damages you on each ?space.
    • Chichi (Nurse) can be found in the middle of the 5 ?space  tiles on each correct path, and Baba Hercule Item can be found on the remaining 4 tiles on each right path.
  • You get 10x Coin Satan in Normal 9 and 20x Coin Satan in Zhard 16 by landing on the rainbow circles Rainbow Pad

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Thum 1006010 Awak med goten gtx10
Awak med gohan gtx10 Awak med trunks gtx10
Awak med baby vegeta 1 gtx10 Awak med baby gtx5
Thum 1006020
Thum 1006270 Awak med gohan gtx15 Awak med baby gtx1 Thum 1006300 Thum 1006300x4
Thum 1006290int Awak med trunks gtx15 Awak med baby gtx1 Thum 1006320int Thum 1006320intx4
Total amount for all
Awak med goten gtx10 
Awak med gohan gtx25 Awak med trunks gtx25
Awak med baby vegeta 1 gtx10 Awak med baby gtx7
Awak med goten gtx0 
Awak med gohan gtx60 
Awak med trunks gtx60
 Awak med baby vegeta 1 gtx0
 Awak med baby gtx8
Awak med goten gt=10
Awak med gohan gt=85
Awak med trunks gt=85
Awak med baby vegeta 1 gt=10
Awak med baby gt=15

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