Area 10

Card 3000410 thumb.gif

Area 16

Thum 1004530 1.png

Area 18

Thum 1006050 1.png Thum 1006060 1.png Thum 1006070 1.png

Area 19

Card 1002710 thumb STR.png

Area 25

Card 1009450 thumb.png Card 1009460 thumb.png Card 1009470 thumb.png

Area 26

Card 1007000 thumb.png Card 1006950 thumb.png
Card 1006960 thumb.gif

Area 16 - 24

Thum 1006120 1.png

Random Areas

Card 3000610 thumb.gifCard 3000760 thumb.gifCard 3000660 thumb.gifCard 3000310 thumb.gifCard 3000360 thumb.gifCard 3000710 thumb.gifCard 3000810 thumb.gifCard 3000860 thumb.gif


Hidden Potential (AGL)

Thum 1001840agl.pngThum 1000400agl.png

Hidden Potential (TEQ)

Thum 1005420teq.pngThum 1007750teq.pngThum 1001140teq.png

Hidden Potential (INT)

Thum 1007030int.pngThum 1007080int.pngThum 1007060int.pngThum 1007020int.png

Hidden Potential (STR)

Thum 1005020str.pngThum 1002470str.pngThum 1000360str.png

Hidden Potential (PHY)

Thum 1001960phy.pngThum 1003820phy.pngThum 1002050phy.png


Turtle School Training

Thum 1005450 1.png

Training in the Clouds

Thum 1003440 1.png

Pan's Secret Adventure

Thum 1006040.png


The Unknown Battle: Gods and Majin

Card 1008170 thumb.png Card 1008160 thumb.png

A Lone Warrior's Last Battle

Thumb 1013270.png Thumb 1013280.png Thumb 1013290.png

The Curse of the Blood Rubies

Card 1015330 thumb.png Card 1015340 thumb.png

Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

Card 1008000 thumb.png Card 1015940 thumb.png Card 1006910 thumb.png

Mystical Adventure

Card 1016670 thumb.png Card 1016660 thumb.png Card 1016680 thumb.png

The Low-Class Warrior: Raditz's Pride

Card 301830 thumb.gif

A New Threat!!! The Saiyan Warrior Race

Hell Guard blue.png Gohan Kid Great Ape.pngThumb 1002840.png Hell Guard red.png North Kaio.png

The Tree of Might

Gohan Kid Great Ape.png

Lord Slug

Medamatcha.png Angila.png Wings.png
Slug Soldier.gif

Face-off with the Fearsome Ginyu Force

Thumb 1014420.png

The Strongest Rivals

Thum 1003610int.png

Galactic Crisis Super Guy in the Galaxy

Card 1016940 thumb.pngThum 1001870.png Thum 1001880.png

Defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan

Thum Angol.png Thum Moah.png

Super Warrior Slam! Victory Will Be Mine!

Card 1008320 thumb.png Card 1008310 thumb.png Card 1011240 thumb.pngCard 1008300 thumb.png

Wrath of the Dragon

Card 1012430 thumb.png

Dragon Ball GT: Black Star DB Saga

Thum 1003090 1.pngThum 1005980 1.pngThum 1005900 AGL.png Thum 1003100 1.pngThum 1005950 1.pngThum 1006920 1.pngThum 1005900 TEQ.png Thum 1005960 1.pngThum 1005880 1.pngThum 1005900 INT.png Thum 1005860 1.pngThum 1005850 1.pngThum 1005970 1.pngThum 1003110 1.pngThum 1005900 STR.png Thum 1005890 1.pngThum 1005910 1.pngThum 1006930 1.pngThum 1005900 PHY.png

Desert Rescue! Giru Saves the Day!

Card 1016420 thumb.png

Dragon Ball GT: Baby Saga

Thum 1003010.png Thum 1006320.pngThum 1006290.png

Dragon Ball GT: Baby Saga Finale

Thum 1010080.png Thum 1006290.png

Dragon Ball GT: 7 Shadow Dragons Saga

Card 1016590 thumb.png Card 1016600 thumb.png

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Card 1010390 thumb.pngThum 1003090 1.png Card 1010370 thumb.png Card 1010400 thumb.png Card 1010380 thumb.png

Goku and Friends Are Back

Card 1009450 thumb.png Card 1009460 thumb.png Card 1009470 thumb.png

Vegeta's Demise?! The Secret of Planet Potaufeu

Card 1016180 thumb.png Card 1016170 thumb.png

Dragon Ball Super: Universal Survival Saga

Card 1011960 thumb.png Card 1011570 thumb.png Card 1011930 thumb.png Card 1011560 thumb.png Card 1012190 thumb.png

Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Saga - Tournament of Power Commencement

Card 1013520 thumb.pngCard 4013520 thumb.png Card 1012600 thumb.png

Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Saga - Final Battle of the Tournament of Power

Card 1013980 thumb.png Card 1013970 thumb.png Card 1013960 thumb PHY.pngCard 1013990 thumb.png

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Card 1016340 thumb.png Card 1016070 thumb.pngCard 1016160 thumb.png Card 1019110 thumb.png

Saiyan Trio Led by Fate

Card 1018960 thumb.png Card 1019120 thumb.pngCard 1016160 thumb.png Card 1019110 thumb.png

Zero Mortals Plan

Card 1018850 thumb.png

Showdown! The Ultimate Final Battle

Card 1020700 thumb.png


Supreme Fusion! Blazing Potara

Thumb 1007830.png

A Fiend Possessed

Thum 1002790 1.png

Beyond God - The Ultimate Secret

Card 1008520 thumb AGL.png Card 1018530 thumb TEQ.png Card 1009530 thumb PHY.png

Blazing Blue Fusion

Thum 1009540.png Card 1012730 thumb INT.png Card 1018640 thumb PHY.png

Phantom Majin of Smoke and Flame

Card 1012440 thumb.png

Battle-Hardened Saiyan Power Explodes!

Thumb 1014880.png Thumb 1014890.png

The Terrifying Transforming Majin

Card 4019600 thumb AGL.pngCard 4015060 AGL.png Card 4015080 INT.pngCard 1019580 thumb INT.png Card 4015070 PHY.png

Transcendent Awakening Surpassing the Strongest

Card 1001390 thumb STR.png

The Horrific Cell Games

Frame SSR AGL thumb.pngSpiral.pnglatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1014940 thumb.pngLR icon thumb.pngE.AGL icon thumb.png

Beacon of Hope in the War-Stricken Future

Card 1015640 thumb AGL.png Card 1018120 thumb STR.png

The Ultimate Transformation

Card 1018190 thumb TEQ.png Card 1018180 thumb INT.png

Fusion Android Born of Hatred

Card 1018260 thumb INT.png

Advent of Omnipotence

Card 1018610 thumb INT.png

Heroic Transformation! Vengeful Saiyan

Card 1013220 thumb TEQ.png Card 1019140 thumb PHY.png

The Unparalleled Paragon of Hope

Card 4019640 thumb TEQ.png Card 1019630 thumb PHY.png

Unearthly Ki! Powerful Potara Fusion Fighter

Card 4019750 thumb TEQ.png Card 1019730 thumb PHY.png

Body, Soul and Power Unleashed! Warriors Aiming for the Top

Card 1019980 thumb TEQ.png

True Evil Resurrected from Hell

Card 1020490 thumb AGL.png

Unrivaled Ultimate Fusion

Card 1020980 thumb TEQ.png

Transcendent Fusion of the Unknown Fighters

Card 1015500 thumb AGL.png Card 1020640 thumb TEQ.png

Violent Galactic Warrior

Card 1021050 thumb AGL.png


Dragon Ball FighterZ - Super Warrior Edition

Card 1014560 thumb.pngCard 1014590 thumb.png Card 1014580 thumb.pngCard 1014610 thumb.png Card 1014540 thumb.pngCard 1014600 thumb.png Card 1014620 thumb.png Card 1014550 thumb.pngCard 1014570 thumb.png

Leave It to Us! Little Rangers!

Thumb 1014240.png Thumb 1014230.png

Universe's Strongest?! Challenge the "Great Pontas"!

Card 1015380 thumb.png Card 1015390 thumb.png

Martial Arts Meeting! Who Will Be Hercule's Successor!

Card 1016410 thumb.png

The Universe Is in Peril! Birth of the Shadow Dragons

Card 1006330 thumb STR.png

Tricks Won't Work! Tile Breaking Challenge

Card 1017850 thumb AGL.png Card 1017850 thumb TEQ.png Card 1017850 thumb INT.png Card 1017850 thumb STR.png Card 1017850 thumb PHY.png


Hero Extermination Plan

Thum 1003380agl.png Thum 1003380teq.png Thum 1003380int.png Thum 1003380str.pngThum 1003390 1.pngThum 1002540 1.png Thum 1002550 1.png

The Bizarre Rabbit Mob!

Card 1008460 thumb.png Card 1008470 thumb.png


Transcended Warrior

Frame SSR PHY thumb.pngSpiral.pnglatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1007470 thumb.pngLR icon thumb.pngS.PHY icon thumb.png

Summit of the Universe

Frame SSR AGL thumb.pngSpiral.pnglatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1009380 thumb.pngLR icon thumb.pngE.AGL icon thumb.png


Explosive Chain Battle

Card 1021520 thumb.pngCard 1021400 thumb.pngCard 1020790 thumb.pngCard 1020710 thumb.pngCard 1020480 thumb.pngCard 1020240 thumb.pngCard 1019320 thumb.png


Extreme Z-Area: Project Zero Mortals

Card 4017140 thumb PHY.png

Fighting Legend: Goku

Thumb 4014770 TEQ.pngThumb 4014790 TEQ.png UR 1012370 STR.png

Give it a Dokkan! Punch Machine!

Punch Machine AGL.png Punch Machine TEQ.png Punch Machine INT.png Punch Machine STR.png Punch Machine PHY.png

Infinite Dragon Ball History

Androids/Cell Saga

Card 1009500 thumb INT.png

Goku/Vegeta Family

Card 1003870 AGL.png Card 1009140 STR.pngCard 1001760 STR.png Card 1003250 PHY.pngCard 1002980 PHY.png

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Card 1016150 thumb INT.png Card 1015960 thumb STR.png

Dragon Ball Super "Future" Trunks Saga

Card 4017100 thumb PHY.pngCard 1009540 thumb PHY.png


Frame SSR TEQ thumb.pngSpiral.pnglatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1012400 thumb.pngLR icon thumb.pngS.TEQ icon thumb.png
Card 1014190 thumb INT.png Card 1003700 thumb STR.png Card 1016280 thumb PHY.png

Warriors of Universe 6

Card 1013640 thumb AGL.png

Babidi's Army

Card 1000700 thumb TEQ.png

Majin Buu

Card 1009650 thumb AGL.png

Super Battle Road Stage 1 - 10

Super label.png
SuperAGL 1001540.pngSuperAGL 1001550.pngSuperAGL 1001560.pngSuperAGL 1001160.pngSuperAGL 1000640.pngSuperAGL 1001990.pngSuperAGL 1005760.pngSuperAGL 1001630.pngSuperAGL 1004720.pngSuperAGL 1004690.pngSuperAGL 1003990.pngSuperAGL 1002950.pngSuperAGL 1004280.pngSuperAGL 1005400.pngSuperAGL 1002570.pngSuperAGL 1001800.pngSuperAGL 1001920.pngSuperAGL 1003270.pngSuperAGL 1005090.pngSuperAGL 1005100.pngSuperAGL 1004340.pngSuperAGL 1004360.pngSuperAGL 1003200.pngSuperAGL 1003230.pngSuperAGL 1003510.png SuperTEQ 2000140.pngSuperTEQ 1001540.pngSuperTEQ 1001500.pngSuperTEQ 1001550.pngSuperTEQ 1001560.pngSuperTEQ 1001160.pngSuperTEQ 1001200.pngSuperTEQ 1000310.pngSuperTEQ 1002910.pngSuperTEQ 1000640.pngSuperTEQ 1001630.pngSuperTEQ 1004720.pngSuperTEQ 1004690.pngSuperTEQ 1003990.pngSuperTEQ 1003580.pngSuperTEQ 1005400.pngSuperTEQ 1009890.pngSuperTEQ 1002570.pngSuperTEQ 1004370.pngSuperTEQ 1001800.pngSuperTEQ 1001920.pngSuperTEQ 1003270.pngSuperTEQ 1001790.pngSuperTEQ 1005100.pngSuperTEQ 1004340.pngSuperTEQ 1004350.pngSuperTEQ 1004360.pngSuperTEQ 1003200.pngSuperTEQ 1003230.pngSuperTEQ 1003510.png SuperINT 2000140.pngSuperINT 1001500.pngSuperINT 1001550.pngSuperINT 1001560.pngSuperINT 1001160.pngSuperINT 1001200.pngSuperINT 1000310.pngSuperINT 1002910.pngSuperINT 1001990.pngSuperINT 1005760.pngSuperINT 1001630.pngSuperINT 1004720.pngSuperINT 1004690.pngSuperINT 1003990.pngSuperINT 1003580.pngSuperINT 1002950.pngSuperINT 1004280.pngSuperINT 1009890.pngSuperINT 1002570.pngSuperINT 1004370.pngSuperINT 1001800.pngSuperINT 1001920.pngSuperINT 1003270.pngSuperINT 1005090.pngSuperINT 1001790.pngSuperINT 1004340.pngSuperINT 1004350.pngSuperINT 1004360.pngSuperINT 1003200.pngSuperINT 1003230.pngSuperINT 1003510.png SuperSTR 2000140.pngSuperSTR 1001540.pngSuperSTR 1001500.pngSuperSTR 1001560.pngSuperSTR 1001200.pngSuperSTR 1000310.pngSuperSTR 1002910.pngSuperSTR 1000640.pngSuperSTR 1001990.pngSuperSTR 1005760.pngSuperSTR 1001630.pngSuperSTR 1004720.pngSuperSTR 1004280.pngSuperSTR 1005400.pngSuperSTR 1009890.pngSuperSTR 1004370.pngSuperSTR 1003270.pngSuperSTR 1005090.pngSuperSTR 1001790.pngSuperSTR 1005100.pngSuperSTR 1004350.pngSuperSTR 1003200.png SuperPHY 2000140.pngSuperPHY 1001540.pngSuperPHY 1001500.pngSuperPHY 1001550.pngSuperPHY 1001160.pngSuperPHY 1001200.pngSuperPHY 1000310.pngSuperPHY 1002910.pngSuperPHY 1000640.pngSuperPHY 1001990.pngSuperPHY 1005760.pngSuperPHY 1004690.pngSuperPHY 1003990.pngSuperPHY 1003580.pngSuperPHY 1002950.pngSuperPHY 1004280.pngSuperPHY 1005400.pngSuperPHY 1009890.pngSuperPHY 1002570.pngSuperPHY 1004370.pngSuperPHY 1001800.pngSuperPHY 1001920.pngSuperPHY 1005090.pngSuperPHY 1001790.pngSuperPHY 1005100.pngSuperPHY 1004340.pngSuperPHY 1004350.pngSuperPHY 1004360.pngSuperPHY 1003230.pngSuperPHY 1003510.png
Extreme label.png
ExtremeAGL 1000170.pngExtremeAGL 1001130.pngExtremeAGL 1001840.pngExtremeAGL 1001830.pngExtremeAGL 2000070.pngExtremeAGL 1001380.pngExtremeAGL 1000190.pngExtremeAGL 1001060.pngExtremeAGL 1001090.pngExtremeAGL 1001070.pngExtremeAGL 2000040.pngExtremeAGL 1000360.pngExtremeAGL 1000510.pngExtremeAGL 2000280.pngExtremeAGL 2000190.pngExtremeAGL 1008640.pngExtremeAGL 1003930.pngExtremeAGL 1003940.pngExtremeAGL 1003950.pngExtremeAGL 1009080.pngExtremeAGL 1002500.pngExtremeAGL 1002510.pngExtremeAGL 1002520.pngExtremeAGL 1002540.pngExtremeAGL 1002550.pngExtremeAGL 2000720.pngExtremeAGL 2000730.pngExtremeAGL 2000740.pngExtremeAGL 1001720.pngExtremeAGL 1001940.pngExtremeAGL 1002050.png ExtremeTEQ 2000060.pngExtremeTEQ 1000170.pngExtremeTEQ 1001840.pngExtremeTEQ 1001830.pngExtremeTEQ 2000070.pngExtremeTEQ 1001380.pngExtremeTEQ 1000190.pngExtremeTEQ 1001060.pngExtremeTEQ 1001080.pngExtremeTEQ 1001090.pngExtremeTEQ 2000040.pngExtremeTEQ 1000360.pngExtremeTEQ 1000510.pngExtremeTEQ 2000280.pngExtremeTEQ 2000190.pngExtremeTEQ 1008640.pngExtremeTEQ 1003930.pngExtremeTEQ 1003940.pngExtremeTEQ 1003920.pngExtremeTEQ 1009080.pngExtremeTEQ 1002490.pngExtremeTEQ 1002510.pngExtremeTEQ 1002540.pngExtremeTEQ 1002550.pngExtremeTEQ 1004940.pngExtremeTEQ 2000710.pngExtremeTEQ 2000730.pngExtremeTEQ 2000740.pngExtremeTEQ 1001720.pngExtremeTEQ 1001940.pngExtremeTEQ 1002050.png ExtremeINT 2000060.pngExtremeINT 1000170.pngExtremeINT 1001130.pngExtremeINT 1001840.pngExtremeINT 1001830.pngExtremeINT 2000070.pngExtremeINT 1001060.pngExtremeINT 1001080.pngExtremeINT 1001090.pngExtremeINT 1001070.pngExtremeINT 1000360.pngExtremeINT 1000510.pngExtremeINT 2000190.pngExtremeINT 1003930.pngExtremeINT 1003940.pngExtremeINT 1003920.pngExtremeINT 1003950.pngExtremeINT 1009080.pngExtremeINT 1002490.pngExtremeINT 1002500.pngExtremeINT 1002510.pngExtremeINT 1002520.pngExtremeINT 1002540.pngExtremeINT 1002550.pngExtremeINT 1004940.pngExtremeINT 2000720.pngExtremeINT 2000710.pngExtremeINT 2000730.pngExtremeINT 1001720.pngExtremeINT 1001940.png ExtremeSTR 2000060.pngExtremeSTR 1001130.pngExtremeSTR 1001840.pngExtremeSTR 1001380.pngExtremeSTR 1000190.pngExtremeSTR 1001060.pngExtremeSTR 1001080.pngExtremeSTR 1001070.pngExtremeSTR 2000040.pngExtremeSTR 1000360.pngExtremeSTR 1000510.pngExtremeSTR 2000280.pngExtremeSTR 2000190.pngExtremeSTR 1008640.pngExtremeSTR 1003930.pngExtremeSTR 1003920.pngExtremeSTR 1003950.pngExtremeSTR 1009080.pngExtremeSTR 1002490.pngExtremeSTR 1002500.pngExtremeSTR 1002510.pngExtremeSTR 1002520.pngExtremeSTR 1002540.pngExtremeSTR 1002550.pngExtremeSTR 1004940.pngExtremeSTR 2000720.pngExtremeSTR 2000710.pngExtremeSTR 2000730.pngExtremeSTR 2000740.pngExtremeSTR 1001720.pngExtremeSTR 1001940.pngExtremeSTR 1002050.png ExtremePHY 2000060.pngExtremePHY 1000170.pngExtremePHY 1001130.pngExtremePHY 1001830.pngExtremePHY 2000070.pngExtremePHY 1001380.pngExtremePHY 1000190.pngExtremePHY 1001080.pngExtremePHY 1001090.pngExtremePHY 1001070.pngExtremePHY 2000040.pngExtremePHY 1000510.pngExtremePHY 2000280.pngExtremePHY 1008640.pngExtremePHY 1003940.pngExtremePHY 1003920.pngExtremePHY 1003950.pngExtremePHY 1002490.pngExtremePHY 1002500.pngExtremePHY 1002520.pngExtremePHY 1002540.pngExtremePHY 1002550.pngExtremePHY 1004940.pngExtremePHY 2000720.pngExtremePHY 2000710.pngExtremePHY 2000740.pngExtremePHY 1002050.png

Super Battle Road Stages 11 - 20

Super label.png
Thumb 1003850.png Thumb 1003860.png GotenksSSJ3 STR.png Thum 1003160 PHY.png
Extreme label.png
Thum 1005680 INT.pngThumb 1002070 INT.png

Super Battle Road Stages 21 - 30

Super label.png
Card 1012460 thumb AGL.pngCard 1015300 thumb AGL.png
Frame SSR TEQ thumb.pngSpiral.pnglatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1011640 thumb.pngLR icon thumb.pngS.TEQ icon thumb.png
Card 1008930 thumb TEQ.pngCard 1011900 thumb TEQ.png
Card 1012920 thumb INT.pngCard 1008260 thumb INT.png Card 1015590 thumb STR.pngCard 1011340 thumb STR.pngCard 1000290 thumb STR.png
Frame SSR PHY thumb.pngSpiral.pnglatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1012720 thumb.pngLR icon thumb.pngS.PHY icon thumb.png
Card 1015810 thumb PHY.pngCard 1013890 thumb PHY.png
Extreme label.png
Card 1007090 thumb AGL.pngThum 1005980 1.png Card 1012030 thumb TEQ.pngCard 1011570 thumb.pngThum 1006920 1.png Card 1012470 thumb INT.pngCard 1005970 thum INT.png Card 1006320 thumb STR.pngCard 1011560 thumb.png Card 1010480 thumb PHY.pngCard 1006710 thumb PHY.pngThum 1006930 1.png

Super Battle Road Stages 31 - 40

Super label.png
Card 1007830 thumb AGL.pngCard 1003450 thumb AGL.png Card 1012010 thumb TEQ.png Card 1011590 thumb INT.png Card 1007860 thumb STR.png Card 1011900 thumb PHY.pngCard 1013820 thumb PHY.pngCard 1016790 thumb PHY.png
Extreme label.png
Card 1014260 thumb AGL.pngCard 2000050 thumb AGL.pngCard 1012820 thumb AGL.png Card 1011570 thumb.pngThum 1006050 1.png Card 1018170 thumb INT.pngCard 2000190 thumb INT.pngThum 1006060 1.pngAngila.png Card 4019600 thumb STR.pngCard 1005680 thumb STR.pngCard 1011560 thumb.pngThum 1006070 1.pngWings.pngCard 2000720 thumb STR.png Card 1002360 thumb PHY.png


Crossover Campaign

Thum 1003490 1.png Thum 1004310 1.png Thum 1004310v2.png



Card 1011880 thumb.pngBeerus Unreleased.pngThum 1002120.png Thum 1001900 R.png
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