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Quest top banner 523
Zamasu Event
Awakening Medals
ZamasuAwakeningMedalThumb awaken items 05232
Recruit Cards
Thum 1009680v2
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 28 Dec 2016 Info Icon
Global server 25 May 2017 Info Icon
Weakness Royal Lineage
Increased Drop No increased drop
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The absolute god will execute his justice! Confront the overwhelming divine power!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: The Ultimate Power of a God
Zhard 10 1stThum 1009340Thum 1009510
2ndMerged Zamasu
AGL iconSTR icon
EPHY icon
8000 50000 12500 Training 4
Thum 1009680v2

Level 2: Last Judgment...Or Last Hope
Zhard 20 1stMerged Zamasu
2ndCard 1009600 thumb
EPHY icon
ETEQ icon
15000 15000 25000 ZamasuAwakeningMedal 3-6 1
Super 25 1stMerged Zamasu
2ndCard 1009600 thumb
3rdCard 1009790 thumb
EPHY icon
ETEQ icon
ETEQ icon
18000 100000 30000 ZamasuAwakeningMedal 7 1
Level 3: Human Sin and Divine Failure
Zhard 20 1stThumb Zamasu SSR INT
2ndCard 1017120 thumbCard 1012750 thumbSt immune seal
3rdMerged ZamasuSt immune stun St immune seal
EINT icon
EAGL iconESTR icon
EPHY icon
15000 60000 25000 Thumb awaken items 05232 3-6 1
Super2 25 1stThumb Zamasu SSR INT
2ndCard 1017120 thumbCard 1012750 thumbSt immune seal
3rdMerged ZamasuSt immune stun St immune seal
4thCard 4017140 thumbSt immune stun St immune seal HPRecovery
EINT icon
EAGL iconESTR icon
EPHY icon
EAGL icon
20000 120000 35000 Thumb awaken items 05232 7 1

Additional information
  • Starting from the second fight, Fusion Zamasu will launch a Super Attack in every turn. Fusion Zamasu can also launch a Super Attack twice on the same turn.
  • Characters with the "Royal Lineage" Link Skill will weaken Fusion Zamasu's regeneration and deal increased damage.
  • Thum 1009680v2 can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Fusion Zamasu cards.

Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1010160 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1014050 thumbLR icon thumbS.AGL icon thumb
Frame SSR INT thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1015030 thumbLR icon thumbE.INT icon thumb
Frame SSR PHY thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1011720 thumbLR icon thumbS.PHY icon thumb
Card 1019850 thumbCard 1018220 thumbCard 1016740 thumbCard 1016440 thumbThum vegeta LR URThum 1009890URAGLGreatApeVegetaThumbThumb 1013830Thumb 1014040 Card 1018150 thumbCard 1017080 thumbCard 1014460 thumbCard 1016120 thumbCard 1015310 thumbThumb teq tur GT trunksVegetaSSGSSTecCard 1005740 thumbThum 1005550 1Thum 1008870 Card 1014990 thumbCard 1016610 thumbCard 1015020 thumbCard 1014710 thumbCard 1009590 thumbTURINTVegetaThum 1005400 1Card 1009580 thumbCard 1011190 thumb Card 1017960 thumbCard 1017660 thumbCard 4017670 thumb v2Card 1015900 thumbCard 1015610 thumbTURSTRTrunksThum 1010020Thumb ss3 tur vegeta gt strThumb FTrunks TUR STR URSTRVegeta&BulmaThum Card 1018100 thumbCard 7018340 thumbCard 1016510 thumbCard 1011340 thumbCard 1016490 thumbCard 1015880 thumbThumb vegeta UR PhyTURPHYTrunks1011710 thumbURPHYBrolyTrunksThumbSuperTrunksPHYThum 1008030
Card 1018940 thumbCard 1018210 thumbCard 1016720 thumbDark vegeta thumbThum vegeta LR SSRThum 1001790 1Card 1005080 thumbThum 1005680 1Great Ape Vegeta ThumbnailThum 1006650Thum 1005780 1Thumb Tarble SSR aglSSRAGLSS3TrunksThumSSRAGLVegeta&BulmaThumThumb 1013820Thumb 1014030 Card 1018140 thumbCard 1017070 thumbCard 1016110 thumbCard 1015300 thumbSSRVegetaSSGSSThum 1003240 1SSRTEQSSJ2VegetaThumbThum 1000020 1Thum 1004040 1Thum 1008860Thum 1002990 1Card 1008260 thumbThumb 1013920Thumb 1012090 Card 1017400 thumbCard 1007860 thumbCard 1015010 thumbDark king thumbThum 1009750Thum 1002460 1Card 1010220 thumbThum 1008760KVegetaThumb trunksintThum 1001590 1Thum 1005620 1Card 1009570 thumbThum 1010010Thum 1006320int Card 1018350 thumbCard 1017650 thumbCard 1016040 thumbCard 1015600 thumbCard 1011400 thumbSSR SSJ2 Trunks STRThum 1001800 1Thumb 1657Thum 1009560Thumb FTrunks SSR STRSSRSTRSS2VegetaThumThumb 1013180 Card 1018090 thumbCard 1016500 thumbCard 1011330 thumbXenogeta 3 thumbThum 1000840 1Thum 1003290 1Thum 1011700 1Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid)SSRPHYAngerTrunksThum 2000170 1Thumb 1013200Thumb 1007410Thumb 1013930
Thumb 5371Thum 2000060 1Thum 1004260 1Thum 1008020Thum 1003280 1Thum 1000100 1Thum 1004440 1Thumb Tarble sr aglThumb FTrunks SR AGLSRAGLVegetaThum Thum 1000040 1Thum 1000880 1Thum 1001760 1Card 1012840 thumb Thum 1003220 1Thum 1003870 1Thum 2000050 1Thum 2000120 1Thum 1000810 1Thum 1005100 1Thum 2000220 1Thum 1006290intThum 1005420 1 Thum 1004760 1Thumb 1775Thum 1003000 1Thum 1002890 1Thum 1002570 1SRMiraiTrunksThumThum 2000160 1 Card 1016430 thumbThum 1000860 1Thum 1002140 1Thum 1001860 1
Thum 1000280 1 Thum 2000260 1

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Card 1009600 thumb ZamasuAwakeningMedalx77 Card 1009790 thumb Card 1009790 thumb x1 Card 1009790 thumb-Z
Card 1011130 thumb ZamasuAwakeningMedalx21
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1011140 thumbLR icon thumbE.TEQ icon thumb
Card 1015610 thumb ZamasuAwakeningMedalx14
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1014080 thumbLR icon thumbS.STR icon thumb
Total amount for all
ZamasuAwakeningMedal x112 ZamasuAwakeningMedal x77 ZamasuAwakeningMedal =189
Card 1017110 thumb Thumb awaken items 05232x77 Card 1017120 thumb
Card 1017010 thumb Thumb awaken items 05232x35 Card 1017020 thumb
Total amount for all
Thumb awaken items 05232 x112 Thumb awaken items 05232 x0 Thumb awaken items 05232 =112

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