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Unavailable Event
This event was a special event that was only available during a certain Campaign.

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Awakening Medals
No Awakening Medals
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 13 Sep 2019 Info Icon
Global server 13 Sep 2019 Info Icon
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
A new stage will become available every day during the first 5 days of the event! What will happen upon clearing all stages...?
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon Special Friend
Level 1: The Android Cell
Hard 12 Thum 1000080 1 HPRecovery TEQ icon 5160 4600 4600
Weighted clothing AGL
Weighted clothing TEQ
Weighted clothing INT
Weighted clothing STR
Weighted clothing PHY
2 3 Thum 1002880 1
Level 2: The First Evolution
Hard 12 Thum 1001710 1St 1004 STR icon 5160 4600 4600
Grandpa gohan
Mr popo
Master shen
Master roshi
2 3 Thum 1010750
Level 3: Perfect Form Achieved
Hard 12 Thum 1004400 1ST Evade AGL icon 5160 4600 4600
Weight 2t AGL
Weight 2t TEQ
Weight 2t INT
Weight 2t STR
Weight 2t PHY
2 3 Thum 1001800 1
Level 4: Cell's Offspring
Hard 12 Thum 3000210 1Thum 3000220 1Thum 3000230 1Thum 3000240 1Thum 1000660 1St Ki change AGL iconTEQ iconINT iconSTR iconPHY icon 5160 4600 4600 Senzu Bean 1 3 Thumb piccolo strike dokkanThumb trunksintThum 1004370 1Thum 1005540 1
Level 5: Perfect Form at Full Power
Hard 12 Thum 1001720 1Countdown KO PHY icon 5160 4600 4600
Grand elder guru
2 3 Thumb 1011391
Additional information
  • Special Friends have SA Lv.10
  • Enemies with different skills will appear in the stages:
    • Thum 1000080 1 can recover his HP with the skill "Regeneration"
    • Thum 1001710 1 can lock the attacking order of your characters
    • Thum 1004400 1 has a chance of evading incoming attacks
    • Thum 3000210 1Thum 3000220 1Thum 3000230 1Thum 3000240 1Thum 1000660 1 can randomly change Ki Spheres
    • Thum 1001720 1 possesses a damage reduction skill and must be defeated with a Super Attack
  • Completing the event will unlock "Extreme Z-Battle: Horrifying Resurrection Perfect Cell"

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