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PSA - For those who wanted to add their own EZA details for the units, please do so either in your own blog page or the discussion tab. Anyone who put their own EZA ideas in the character pages will be banned immediately, regardless if your revert it or not.


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EZA VB Banner
Gasha top banner 08198 T
Summon Rates
Featured SSR icon (3)
5% (1.66% each)
SSR icon (199)
5% (0.025% each)
SR icon 60% R icon 30%
1 Guaranteed SSR icon per Multi-Summon
SSR icon 5%
EZA Ticket (50%)
SSR icon 95%
EZA Ticket (50%)
Gacha Coins
1 Dokkan Coin for each 5 DS icon used.
Summon rate calculator banner
DS Single Summon DS icon x5 or DS Multi Summon DS icon x50
or Global serverTicket Multi Summon EZA Ticket x5

Featured character
Card 1009320 thumbCard 1010860 thumbCard 1008810 thumbCard 1002790 thumb