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Event face off ginyu force big
Awakening Medals
Nail medal
Recruit Cards
Thumb 1014670
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 28 Aug 2018
Global server 28 Aug 2018
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
Bulma, Krillin and Gohan travel to Planet Namek in hopes of finding the new set of Dragon Balls. However, Planet Namek has already fallen into the evil grasp of Frieza... In the heat of chaotic battles for the Dragon Balls, the Ginyu Force appears! They are Frieza's secret weapons that even intimidate Vegeta. Who will be the one to win this fight and have their wishes granted...?
Difficulty Boss Type R.Exp C.Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Behold the Ginyu Force!
Normal 8 Thum 1001670 1 PHY icon 1600 3000 3000 Weighted boots AGL 1-2 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1001670 1 EPHY icon 9900 10000 10000 Weight 2t AGL 1-2 1
Level 2: Relentless Recoome
Normal 8 1stThum 1001300 1
2ndThum 1001060 1
STR icon
PHY icon
1600 3500 3500 Grandpa gohan 1-2 1
Zhard 15 1stThum 1001300 1
2ndThum 1001060 1
ESTR icon
EPHY icon
9900 11500 11500 Korin 1-2 1
Level 3: Imminent Showdown
Zhard 15 North Kaio SPHY icon 9900 13000 13000 Thumb 1014670 0-2 1
Piccolo Pot Bronze 0-222 (boss)
30-40-50 (Blue pad)
Piccolo Pot Silver 0-130 (boss)
15-20-25 (Blue pad)
Piccolo Pot Gold 0-15 (boss)
1-2-3 (Blue pad)
Level 4: Goku Finally Arrives!
Normal 8 Card 1013000 thumb PHY icon 1600 4500 4500 Senzu Bean 1 1
Zhard 15 Card 1013000 thumb EPHY icon 9900 14500 14500 Senzu Bean 1-2 1
Level 5: Showdown! Jeice and Burter
Normal 8 Card 1013020 thumbCard 1013040 thumb STR iconAGL icon 1600 5000 5000 Scouter (Green) 1 1
Zhard 15 Card 1013020 thumbCard 1013040 thumb ESTR iconEAGL icon 9900 16000 16000 Scouter (Green) 1-2 1
Level 6: Guru in Peril
Normal 8 Thum 1000050 1 STR icon 1600 5500 5500 Nail medal 1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1000050 1 ESTR icon 9900 18000 18000 Nail medal 2 1
Level 7: The Captain Cometh!
Normal 8 Thum 1000190 1 INT icon 1600 6000 6000 Korin 1-2 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1000190 1 EINT icon 9900 20000 20000 Kibito 1-2 1
Level 8: Body Change
Normal 8 1stThumb 1014420Thum 1001330 1
2ndThumb 1014420
PHY iconTEQ icon
PHY icon
1600 6500 6500 Frog 2-3-4 (boss)
1-2 (Support 4)
Zhard 15 1stThumb 1014420Thum 1001330 1
2ndThumb 1014420
EPHY iconETEQ icon
EPHY icon
9900 22000 22000 Frog 5-7-10 (boss)
1-2-3 (Support 4)

Additional information
News banner event 346 E
  • Depending on the path you take on Stage 3, you can get different orbs.
    • The top-left path is for small orbs Piccolo Pot Bronze, the middle path is for medium orbs Piccolo Pot Silver, and the bottom-right path is for large orbs Piccolo Pot Gold.
    • Sometimes you'll be able to walk through an additional path after defeating King Kai.
      On each Blue pad you'll find either Piccolo Pot Bronze x100, Piccolo Pot Silver x50 or Piccolo Pot Gold x5.
  • In Stage 8 you can obtain 1 to 3 of Frog from Support 4.
    • There are 6 golden capsule on both path, resulting in 18 obtainable items at most on Z-Hard.
    • If a ?space tile appears, you can drop an additional capsule. Up to 2 tiles can appear on the map, even on same path.
    • Collecting maximum number of capsule, one can get
      (boss drop)+(capsule)+(tiles)=(10)+(6*3)+(2*10)= 48 Frog per run on Z-Hard.
  • Thumb 1014670 can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Piccolo cards.
  • REMINDER: Train a second Thumb 1014680 to SA lv. 5 to raise Thumb 1014680-Z's SA lv. to 15

  • Unlock each of Piccolo's Hidden Potential routes: Thumb 1014670 x4 (x1 per route unlocked)
  • Activate 100% of Piccolo's Hidden Potential:
    • Thumb 1014670 x8 (x1 for almost each 10% activated)
    • Hour glass medal x1 (for activating 50% of Piccolo's Hidden Potential)
    • Thum 1003970 1 x1 (for activating 100% of Piccolo's Hidden Potential)
  • Clear "Stage 3" 5 times: Thum 1005480 1 x1
  • Clear "Stage 3" 10 times: Old kai x1
  • Clear "Stage 3" 25 times: DS icon x3
  • Clear all stages on NORMAL: DS icon x1
  • Clear all stages on Z-HARD: DS icon x1
  • Collect Frog x10: Thum 1002630 1 x1
  • Collect Frog x33: Z sword AGL x5
  • Collect Frog x55: Training location 07 x1
  • Collect Frog x77: Thum 1001610 1 x1
  • Collect Frog x150: Thumb 1013400 x1
  • Collect Frog x222: Thumb Grand Kai AGL x1
  • Collect Frog x250: DS icon x2

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Thumb 1014670 Nail medal x5 Thumb 1014680 Thumb 1014680x1 Thumb 1014680-Z
Total amount for all
Nail medal x5 Nail medal x5 Nail medal =10

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