Giant Form Skill Effect

Explanation about Giant Form
Passive skill
Transform into a Giant Form for 2 or 3 turns
Sometimes the Giant Form mode will last for 3 turns, but usually only for 2 turns.
Unless stated otherwise, it activates only once per battle.

Condition Card Giant Form
HP < 50% Card 1015370 thumbCard 1012420 thumbCard 1012410 thumb Card 4015370 thumbCard 4012420 thumbCard 4012410 thumb
50% chance
HP < 50%
Card 1018460 thumb Card 4019020 thumb
50% chance
HP < 40%
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1016400 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 4016400 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb
15% chance
HP < 80%
Card 1018800 thumb Card 4018800 thumb
10% chance
(up to
2 times)
Thumb 1013680Card 1013240 thumbURAGLGreatApeVegetaThumbURTEQBardockCard 1013250 thumbURSTRFashaThumbURSTRGiantApeRaditzThumbCard 1013260 thumbURPHYGiantApeGokuThumbThumb 1013710Thumb 1013950 Thumb 4013680Card 4013240 thumbURVegetaGAThumbURBardockGAThumbCard 4013250 thumbURFashaGAThumbURRaditzGAThumbCard 4013260 thumbURGokuGAThumbThumb 4013710Thumb 4013950
10% chance AGLURKidGokuThumb Super Baby 33Thumb 1013121Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33Card 1013230 thumbThum 1005150ToraSSRAGLThum 1002810Thumb 1006490Thumb 1006480Thumb 1006500 Thumb 4011110 1Thumb baby G apeThumb 4013120Thum G G ape gokuCard 4013230 thumbThumb TGAThumb 4006510Thumb 4002810Thumb 4006490Thumb 4006480Thumb 4006500
10% chance
HP < 80%
Card 1011580 thumb Card 4011580 thumb
7% chance Great Ape Vegeta ThumbnailCard 1005140 thumbGokuKidApe Thumb 4002830Thumb 4005140Thumb 4002820
5% chance Card 1007670 thumbCard 1005170 thumb AGLGA Goku GA basePiccolo Big Giant Base
3% chance Card 1005130 thumb Thumb 4005130
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