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Circle Burter
Tag agl bur
Circle guldo
Tag teq gul
Circle ginyu
Tag int gin
Circle jeice
Tag str jei
Circle recoome
Tag phy rec
Hidden Potental All open
Tag all all
Ginyu Force Special Training STR
Awakening Medals
Medal Jeice
Recruit Cards
Card 1013020 thumb
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 21 Feb 2018
Global server 31 Jul 2018
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
Challenge the event to recruit Jeice! Use the Awakening Medals acquired from this event to Dokkan Awaken Jeice!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: [STR] Special Training
Z-Hard Thumb
Z-Hard Small
Blank Thumb
Nimbus Card 1013030 thumb ESTR icon 7777 15000 22777 Card 1013020 thumb 0-1 1
Card 1010190 thumb EAGL icon 20000 27777

Additional information
  • The stage can be completed without a fight. If you choose to take the Nimbus near the end you will fight Card 1013030 thumb or Card 1010190 thumb with a chance to get Card 1013020 thumb
    • Guaranteed drop when fighting Thouser
  • Depending on the path you take, you get different Potential Orbs
    En news banner secret 153 C
    • Left path = Jeice Pot Bronze, Middle path = Jeice Pot Silver, Right path = Jeice Pot Gold
  • Total Potential Orbs needed:
    • Jeice Pot Bronze x5740, Jeice Pot Silver x3150, Jeice Pot Gold x301
  • The final set of pads are laid out in order:
    • Small: Blue padBlue padBlue pad, Medium: Blue padBlue padBlue pad, Large: Blue padBlue padBlue pad
  • Available during:
    • Global server Wednesday 16:00 - Thursday 15:59 PST
    • Japan server Wednesday 07:00 - Thursday 06:59 PST
  • Card 1013020 thumb can be farmed to raise the Super Attack level of other Jeice cards.
    • REMINDER: Train a second Card 1013030 thumb to SA lv. 5 to raise Card 1013030 thumb-Z's SA lv. to lv. 15

  • Activate 100% of Jeice's Hidden Potential: Card 1012260 thumb x1
  • Clear the event once: Card 1002630 thumb x1
  • Clear the event 5 times: Master roshi x20
  • Clear the event 10 times: Bibidi x10
  • Clear the event 15 times: South kai x3
  • Clear the event 20 times: Medal Jeice x1
  • Clear the event 25 times: Medal Jeice x2
  • Clear the event 30 times: Medal Jeice x3

  • Activate 100% of all 5 Ginyu Force members' Hidden Potential:
    Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpirallatest?cb=20191212155456&format=originalCard 1013100 thumbLR icon thumbE.TEQ icon thumb

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Card 1013020 thumb Medal Jeice x5 Card 1013030 thumb Card 1013030 thumb x1 Card 1013030 thumb-Z
Total amount for all
Medal Jeice x5 Medal Jeice +5 Medal Jeice =10

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