Guard Skill Effect
Block goku trunks

Passive skill
These characters are able to receive attacks from any enemy as if they had Type advantage.

Guard Condition

Thum 1005050 1Thum janemba ur strThum 1002800 1SSRSTRJanembaXenoku 3 thumb

Card 4017190 v1 100% chance for 3 turns after guard has been activated

Card 1016740 thumbThumb 1014740Card 1017590 thumbCard 1016050 thumbSSRAGLSS3TrunksThumThumb 1014730Card 1017580 thumb

50% chance

Card 4017190 v1URSTRUGohanCard 1016040 thumb

25% chance


10% chance

Card 1015810 thumb

HP < 80%

Card 1015800 thumb

HP < 70%

Hidden Potential
Pot skill type defense
  • You can increase the effectiveness of your allies' ability to defend with Type advantage through the Hidden Potential. You can increase the amount of damage reduction by 1% per level; there are 15 levels in total.

Skill Effect
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