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INT Character Summon
Summon Rates
Featured SSR icon (7)
7% (1% each)
SSR icon (33)
3% (0.09% each)
SR icon 60% R icon 30%
1 Guaranteed SSR icon per Multi-Summon
SSR icon 7%
SSR icon 93%
Gacha Coins
1 Summon Coin for each 5 DS icon used.
Summon rate calculator banner
DS Single Summon DS icon x5 or DS Multi Summon DS icon x50

Featured character

Card 1010230 thumbCard 1010220 thumbCard 1007860 thumbCard 1015090 thumbCard 1014200 thumbCard 1017690 thumbCard 1016070INT thumbThum 1003870 1Thum 1000820 1

Legendary character

Following cards are also in the mix but not as featured cards

SSR God-hanCard 1016350 thumbThumb 1012140

Bonus Items
The following are some Bonus Item(s) that can obtained by performing Multi-Summons

Thum 1003970 1 x1
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