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With Keys of the Past you can complete a stage of events that aren't available on the day you use them. Even if you haven't completed the stage beforehand (although you still need to complete stage 1 before you can access stage 2 etc). If the event is already available that day it won't show up in the list.
Instead of using stamina you will use Keys of the Past to complete the stage. Depending on the difficulty the stage requires more Keys of the Past.

  • NORMAL, HARD and SUPER3 (SBR) difficulties require 1 key
  • Z-HARD and SUPER difficulties require 2 keys
  • SUPER2 difficulty requires 3 keys
  • Extreme Z-Battle stages require different amounts
    • Lv. 5 & next uncompleted stage: 1 key
    • Lv. 10 & 15: 2 keys
    • Lv. 20 & 25 & 30: 3 keys

Thumb eventkagi item 00001.png Thumb eventkagi item 00002.png Thumb eventkagi item 00003.png Thumb eventkagi item 00004.png Thumb eventkagi item 00005.png Thumb eventkagi item 00101.png
Thumb eventkagi item 99999.png (unreleased)

List of Events