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With Keys of the Past you can complete a stage of events that aren't available on the day you use them. Even if you haven't completed the stage beforehand (although you still need to complete stage 1 before you can access stage 2 etc). If the event is already available that day it won't show up in the list.
Instead of using stamina you will use Keys of the Past to complete the stage. Depending on the difficulty the stage requires more Keys of the Past.

  • NORMAL, HARD and SUPER3 (SBR) difficulties require 1 key
  • Z-HARD and SUPER difficulties require 2 keys
  • SUPER2 difficulty requires 3 keys
  • Extreme Z-Battle stages require different amounts
    • Lv. 5 & next uncompleted stage: 1 key
    • Lv. 10 & 15: 2 keys
    • Lv. 20 & 25 & 30: 3 keys

Thumb eventkagi item 00001.png Thumb eventkagi item 00002.png Thumb eventkagi item 00003.png Thumb eventkagi item 00004.png Thumb eventkagi item 00005.png Thumb eventkagi item 00101.png
Thumb eventkagi item 99999.png (unreleased)

List of Events

Thumb eventkagi item 00001.png

StrongestRivals Renewal tab.pngBattle of Gods Renewal.pngTree of Might.pngFight Against Despair!.pngDBGT Black Star DB Saga.pngNew Threat Saiyan Warrior Race.pngDBGT Baby Saga.pngDBS Universe 6 Saga.pngDefeatTheLegendarySuperSaiyan.pngDBS Future Trunks Saga.pngDBGT Baby Saga Finale.pngDBGT Hero's Legacy.pngSuper Warrior Slam Victory Will Be Mine.pngGoku and Friends Are Back.pngDBS Universe Survival Saga.pngLow Class Warrior Raditz's Pride.pngVegeta the Indomitable Warrior.pngWrath of the Dragon Story.pngNamek Story.pngEpic Battle! The Mighty Ones of the Otherworld.pngDBS Universe Survival Saga 2.pngLord Slug event.pngAuZD56L.pngDBGT The Ultimate Android.pngLone Warrior's Last Battle.pngThe Unknown Battle of Gods and Majin.pngCurseOfTheBloodRubies.pngDBS Broly Story.pngVidel's Flying Technique Tutorial.pngFace-off with the Fearsome Ginyu Force.pngSleepingPrincessDevilsCastle.pngMystical Adventure.png7ShadowDragonsSaga.png10 Billion Power Warriors.pngGalactic Crisis new.pngCataclysmic Clash! Final Showdown with Frieza.pngNew Enemies! Androids in Action.pngEmerge Mysterious Monster Cell.pngUltimate Confrontation The Cell Games.pngUniverse 6 Recruitement Story.pngWorldTournamentReborn tab.png

Adventure of Gratitude.pngLooking For Mr. Right.pngMajin Buu's Candy Mischief.pngGinyu Force Training Burter.pngGinyu Force Training Guldo.pngGinyu Force Training Ginyu.pngGinyu Force Training Jeice.pngGinyu Force Training Recoome.pngSpread Love Magical Girl Fighters.pngLittle Rangers.pngGhostly Prank.pngResurrection F.pngPenguin Village AdventureSuper Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission.pngDragon Ball FighterZ.pngCaptain Yamcha's Grand Slam.pngDokkanButoden.png

Bizarre Rabbit Mob 2.png

Fearsome Super Elite 2.pngMercenary Tao Strikes Back 2.pngMaster of Masters.pngVicious Mechanical Monarch.pngCold Blooded King.pngSavage Sovereign.pngMysterious Mask.pngBest Fighter of West Quadrant.pngMasked Martial Artist.png Time Travelling Warrior.pngGentle Destroyer.pngDivine Demonic Namekian Warrior.pngFull Hearted Fighter.pngFusion of Super Forces.pngAncient Space Pirate 2.pngProdigy Prince.pngSpace Time Traveler.png

Japan server.png
Android 13 Story.pngEvil Revived The Most Fearsome Majin.pngPeculiar Penguin Village.pngDBF Fused World.pngSDBH PrisonPlanetSaga small.png

Global server.png
Go Forth Hero of Justice.pngMonaka Event Tab.pngGiru Story Event.png

Thumb eventkagi item 00002.png

Genius Bulma's Battle Prep.png

Thumb eventkagi item 00003.png

Berserker of Destruction.pngHorrific Cell Games.pngPure Destruction and Carnage.pngSurpassing All.pngInimitable Fusion.pngA Fiend Possessed.pngEvil Emperor of the Universe.pngUltimate Awakened Power 2.pngPower at the Pinnacle.pngBeerus Dokkan Event Renewal.pngSupreme Fusion Blazing Potara.pngUnparallelled Paragon of Hope.pngBeyond God 2 tab.pngThe Terrifying Transforming Majin.pngGolden Emperor's Vengeance.pngShadow of Dragons of Despair.pngDarknessShroudingFuture.pngBlazing Blue Fusion 3.pngBeautiful Rose Colored Terror.pngMiracle Sword of Light 2.pngEternal God Distorter of Worlds 2.pngSurpassing Even the Gods.pngScarlet Flames of the Ultimate Saiyan 2.pngCrimson Blaze of Glory The Invincible Saiyan 2.pngCoora DokkanEvent Renewal tab.pngMystery Warrior Born of Darkness.pngWarriorReturnedFromOtherworld 2.pngUltimate Android Incarnation of Ambitions.pngWreaking Havoc Demon Over the Edge.pngUnrivaled Ultimate Fusion 2.png

True Evil Resurrected from Hell 2.png
True Evil Resurrected from Hell.png
Ultimate Awaking in History.pngPhantom of Explsovice Demon Flames.pngStrongest Tag Team Gogeta.pngStrongest Tag Team Vegito.pngTranscendent Descent Ultra Instinct.pngSinister Destroyer of the Universe.pngThe Invincible Strongest of the Strong.pngBeacon of Hope in the War-Stricken Future2.pngBattle-Hardened Saiyan Power Explodes.pngDefender of Beliefs and Dreams.pngArth Shaking Showdown Goku.pngEarth Shaking Showdown Frieza.pngMeta Cooler Event.pngSplit-Second Assassin.pngThe Greatest Adversary of All.pngAdvent of Omnipotence 2.pngEarth-Shaking Showdown vs Vegeta small.pngFullThrottleThrowdown.pngBlast MiracleOfBonds.pngTranscendent Awakening Surpassing the Strongest.pngWarrior of Fury! Super Saiyan.pngUnified as a Super Namekian.pngBardock Dokkan Event Tab.pngFusion Android Born of Hatred.pngYamcha's Epic Clash.pngProudSaiyanPrince tab.png

Transcended Warrior 2.pngSummit of the Universe.pngProtector of Future Peace.pngPrideStakedAwakening.pngVxN7dFi.pngStrugglingEarthWarrior.png

Super Battle Road.pngExtreme Super Battle Road Tab.png

Japan server.png
Strongest in the World.pngPowerful Potara Fusion Fighter.pngSSB Duo Event Tab.png

ExtremeZArea AndroidsCellSaga.pngExtremeZArea FightAgainstDespair.pngZArea HeroExterminationPlan tab GLB.pngZArea 3SaiyansDrivenByFate.pngZArea ZeroMortalsPlan.pngZArea Saiyan Saga.pngZArea Most Evil Clan.pngZ Area Magical Girl Fighters.png

Thumb eventkagi item 00004.png

Chamber of Spirit and Time.png

Thumb eventkagi item 00101.png

Father and Son Super Training.png

Thumb eventkagi item 00005.png

Z-Battle Goku.pngZ-Battle Broly.pngZ-Battle Gohan (Kid).pngZ-Battle Frieza.pngZ-Battle Perfect Cell.pngZ-Battle Ultimate Gohan.pngZbattle list banner 9.pngZbattle list banner 11.pngZbattle list banner 12.pngZbattle list banner 13.pngZbattle list banner 14.pngZbattle list banner 16.pngZbattle list banner 17.pngZbattle list banner 18.pngZbattle list banner 20.pngZbattle list banner 22.pngZbattle list banner 23.pngZbattle list banner 24.pngZbattle list banner 25.pngZbattle list banner 26.pngZbattle list banner 28.pngZbattle list banner 30.pngZbattle list banner 31.pngZbattle list banner 32.pngZbattle list banner 33.pngZbattle list banner 35.pngZbattle list banner 36.pngZbattle list banner 38.png

Japan server.png
Zbattle list banner 37.png

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