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With Keys of the Past you can complete a stage of events that aren't available on the day you use them. Even if you haven't completed the stage beforehand (although you still need to complete stage 1 before you can access stage 2 etc). If the event is already available that day it won't show up in the list.
Instead of using stamina you will use Keys of the Past to complete the stage. Depending on the difficulty the stage requires more Keys of the Past.

  • NORMAL, HARD and SUPER3 (SBR) difficulties require 1 key
  • Z-HARD and SUPER difficulties require 2 keys
  • SUPER2 difficulty requires 3 keys
  • Extreme Z-Battle stages require different amounts
    • Lv. 5 & next uncompleted stage: 1 key
    • Lv. 10 & 15: 2 keys
    • Lv. 20 & 25 & 30: 3 keys

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List of Events

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Strongest RivalsBattle of GodsTree of MightFight Against DespairDBGT Black Star DB SagaNew Threat Saiyan Warrior RaceDBGT Baby SagaDBS Universe 6 SagaDefeatTheLegendarySuperSaiyanDBS Future Trunks SagaDBGT Baby Saga FinaleDBGT Hero's LegacySuper Warrior Slam Victory Will Be MineGoku and Friends Are BackDBS Universe Survival SagaLow Class Warrior Raditz's PrideVegeta the Indomitable WarriorWrath of the Dragon StoryNamek StoryEpic Battle! The Mighty Ones of the OtherworldDBS Universe Survival Saga 2Lord Slug eventAuZD56LDBGT The Ultimate AndroidLone Warrior's Last BattleThe Unknown Battle of Gods and MajinCurseOfTheBloodRubiesDBS Broly StoryVidel's Flying Technique TutorialFace-off with the Fearsome Ginyu ForceSleepingPrincessDevilsCastleMystical Adventure7ShadowDragonsSaga10 Billion Power WarriorsGalactic Crisis newCataclysmic Clash! Final Showdown with Frieza

Adventure of GratitudeLooking For Mr. RightMajin Buu's Candy MischiefGinyu Force Training BurterGinyu Force Training GuldoGinyu Force Training GinyuGinyu Force Training JeiceGinyu Force Training RecoomeSpread Love Magical Girl FightersLittle RangersGhostly PrankResurrection FPenguin Village Adventure 2

Hero Extermination PlanEvil Powers Strike BackBizarre Rabbit Mob 2

Fearsome Super Elite 2Mercenary Tao Strikes Back 2Master of MastersVicious Mechanical MonarchCold Blooded KingSavage SovereignMysterious MaskBest Fighter of West QuadrantMasked Martial Artist Time Travelling WarriorGentle DestroyerDivine Demonic Namekian WarriorFull Hearted FighterFusion of Super ForcesAncient Space Pirate 2Prodigy PrinceSpace Time Traveler

Japan server
Universe 6 Recruitement StoryNew Enemies! Androids in ActionEmerge Mysterious Monster CellPeculiar Penguin VillageCaptain Yamcha's Grand SlamDBF Fused WorldDragon Ball FighterZ

Global server
Go Forth Hero of JusticeMonaka Event Tab

Thumb eventkagi item 00002

Genius Bulma's Battle Prep

Thumb eventkagi item 00003

Berserker of DestructionHorrific Cell GamesPure Destruction and CarnageSurpassing AllInimitable FusionA Fiend PossessedEvil Emperor of the UniverseUltimate Awakened PowerPower at the Pinnacle7th Universe's GoDSupreme Fusion Blazing PotaraUnparallelled Paragon of HopeBeyond God Ultimate SecretThe Terrifying Transforming MajinGolden Emperor's VengeanceShadow of Dragons of DespairDarknessShroudingFutureBlazing Blue FusionBeautiful Rose Colored TerrorMiracle Sword of Light 2Eternal God Distorter of Worlds 2Surpassing Even the GodsScarlet Flames of the Ultimate Saiyan 2Crimson Blaze of Glory The Invincible Saiyan 2Ultimate TransformationMystery Warrior Born of DarknessWarrior Returned from OtherworldUltimate Android Incarnation of AmbitionsWreaking Havoc Demon Over the EdgeUnrivaled Ultimate Fusion 2True Evil Resurrected from HellUltimate Awaking in HistoryPhantom of Explsovice Demon FlamesStrongest Tag Team GogetaStrongest Tag Team VegitoTranscendent Descent Ultra InstinctSinister Destroyer of the UniverseThe Invincible Strongest of the Strong
Beacon of Hope in the War-Stricken Future2
Beacon of Hope in the War-Stricken Future
Battle-Hardened Saiyan Power ExplodesDefender of Beliefs and DreamsArth Shaking Showdown GokuEarth Shaking Showdown FriezaMeta Cooler EventSplit-Second AssassinThe Greatest Adversary of AllAdvent of OmnipotenceEarth-Shaking Showdown vs Vegeta smallFullThrottleThrowdownBlast MiracleOfBondsTranscendent Awakening Surpassing the StrongestWarrior of Fury! Super SaiyanKEVgXSb

Transcended Warrior 2Summit of the UniverseProtector of Future PeacePrideStakedAwakening

Super Battle Road

Japan server
Yamcha's Epic ClashStrongest in the WorldWarriorReturnedFromOtherworld 2ProudSaiyanPrince tabAndroid Born from HatredCoora DokkanEvent Renewal tab


Global server
Beyond God 2 tab

Thumb eventkagi item 00004

Quest list banner 801 A

Thumb eventkagi item 00005

Z-Battle GokuZ-Battle BrolyZ-Battle Gohan (Kid)Z-Battle FriezaZ-Battle Perfect CellZ-Battle Ultimate GohanZbattle list banner 9Zbattle list banner 11Zbattle list banner 16Zbattle list banner 12Zbattle list banner 13Zbattle list banner 17Zbattle list banner 18Zbattle list banner 14Zbattle list banner 20Zbattle list banner 24Zbattle list banner 25

Japan server
Zbattle list banner 22Zbattle list banner 23Zbattle list banner 26Zbattle list banner 28

Global server
Zbattle list banner 21

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