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Special Stickers are items that can be used to apply an exclusive visual effect to a character. They can only be applied to characters that are able to Extreme z awaken label.png and to DF logo.png characters.

Some Stickers are specific to only one character and can't be used any other way.

Please note that the visual effect cannot be removed once it is applied.

  • The applied visual effect will not be displayed if the character is reversed and no longer meets the requirement. The visual effect will return after a "Reverse Dokkan Awakening" is performed.

Card 1017240 thumb.png Gogeta Sticker Animation.gif
Sti icon 001.png
Sti icon 010.png

Sticker How to obtain Characters
Sti icon 001.png News banner dairansen 016 small.pngNews banner event 720 C small.pngNews banner event CB small.png Extreme z awaken label.png DF logo.png
Sti icon 001.png Global server.png Complete all the Late Autumn Awakening Part 1 Missions Goku, Gohan or Goten
Sti icon 011.png Clear any stage with 3 or more "Goku's Family" Category characters on your team 20 times.
( Japan server.png Gohan, Goku and Goten Day Campaign 2020)
Goku, Gohan or Goten
Sti icon 008.png Clear a stage with target character 77 times. Card 1016100 thumb.png
Sti icon 003.png Clear a stage with target character 77 times. Card 1016120 thumb.png
Sti icon 010.png Clear a stage with target character 77 times. Card 1017240 thumb.png
Sti icon 012.png Clear a stage with target character 77 times. Card 1021700 thumb.png
Sti icon 002.png No.png Card 1016581 thumb.png
Sti icon 004.png No.png Card 1013160 thumb.png
Sti icon 005.png No.png Card 1011340 thumb.png
Sti icon 006.png No.png Card 1010360 thumb.png
Sti icon 007.png No.png Card 1017160 thumb.png
Sti icon 009.png No.png Card 1014680 thumb.png
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