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Let's play! Dokkan Rally Campaign is on!

A renewed Story Event and a new Extreme Z-Area will appear one after another!!  Furthermore, Weekend Summon will also be available!

A lot of events will be held during the Campaign period!

Let's play Dokkan!

News banner login bonus 20191031 small
Dokkan Rally Login Bonus!

News banner plain camp 20191031 mission small
Dokkan Rally Special Missions!

News banner gasha 00638 small
Dokkan Festival: Cooler

News banner gasha 00640 small
Category Summon: Conquest of Terror!

News banner plain camp 20170315 B
Super Dragon Stone SALE!

News banner event 527 1 small
New Stage Added!

News banner event 373 small
Story Event renewal!

News banner event 716 small
Extreme Z-Area: Hero Extermination Plan!

Event HERO Extermination Plan
Event evil powers strike back
Hero Extermination Plan and Evil Powers Strike Back are now open! These events will be available daily from now on.

News banner event 352 small
News banner event 353 small
News banner event 354 small
Returning Story Events!

News banner event 355 A3 small
Dragon Ball Super: Broly is still open! End date has been delayed by two weeks.

News banner gasha 00238 small
Mysterious Ritual Summon

News banner plain camp 20181123 mission A small
3-Day Weekend Missions

News banner dairansen 001 small
New Ultimate Clash

News banner gasha 00645 small
Weekend Summon!

News banner login bonus 20191104 small
Weekend Summon Login Bonus!

News banner plain camp 20191109 mission small
Weekend Summon Special Missions!

News banner gasha 00644 small
Category Summon: Kamehameha!

News banner gasha 00642 small
Extreme Z Dokkan Festival: Omega Shenron!

News banner event zbattle 031 small
New Extreme Z battle!

News banner event zbattle 012 small
Returning Extreme Z battle!

EN news banner event 517 small
Event Beerus Dokkan small
Dokkan Events available every day!

News banner event 357 small
News banner event 345 small
Event DBGT2 small
Event ultimate dragon ball chapter
Event battle of gods small
Returning Story Events!
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