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  • 2nd Warning
    Hello. Due to a recent edit or comment I have stated that you violated some of our rules. Before editing or commenting on the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wikia, please make sure to thoroughly read our rules. The following rules were found to be broken through your recent contributions.

    Reason: Sexual remark

    Note: On the Supreme Kai of Time (Power of Time Unleashed) page.

    Please follow our rules and do not continue to break them.

    This is your 2nd infraction. Having three infractions will lead to a temporary block, preventing you from editing and commenting until the block has expired.

    This message may not be deleted from your message wall. Only staff may remove it.
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  • Stop insulting and being rude to others.

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  • in " " u say " Hit is bad on the time

    Swap him out for somebody else"

    maby ?

    goku black PHY ? " Evil Incursion

    Super Janemba"?

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    • A Pure Saiyan Unit

      Because Vegeta only boost those characters

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  • Cakebuu banned me for editing notes profile, but didn't ban her for putting that disturbing image of note and role-playing in a sexually disturbing manner?! This is so stupid and insane. You know what, scratch that. He did me a favor. He saved me from losing anymore of my brain cells. Buu if your reading this, thank you for this, I appreciate it. I'm sorry, man. I can't fight anymore. The future of the wiki lies upon your and a couple of others hands

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  • Basically what the title says.

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    • Not yet I’m finishing up my Vegeta soon

      I’m on my iPad so I can’t right now

      Then I have to make User:Darkclaw62 SSJ3 MV Vegeta I promised him a few months ago

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    • My box

      Almost all 120 leaders, only missing SS3 Gotenks

      6 summonable Lrs

      About 8 category leaders

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  • Can you please stop with the capslock spam. This is a friendly warning, so next time I will give a warning for real.

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  • Don’t question me

    [Galactic Pirate Squad]

    Stage 1-Galactic Space Pirate Boujack!

    1st-R Bujla, SR Gokua, SSR Zanygu, R (forgot his name), SR STR Boujack

    2nd-SSR TEQ Boujack(4 bars)(no DEF lower)

    3rd-TUR INT Full-Power Boujack(6 bars)(no debuffing)(no stunning)

    4th-TUR AGL Full-Power Boujack And SR Zanygu(No debuffing Boujack)(no sunning Both)

    5th-TUR (his Dokkan type) PHY Full-Power Boujack(9 bars)(no debuffing)(no stunning)

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  • [Pride-Absorbed, Prince]

    1 Stage-Z-Hard-Super2

    1st-SR Vegeta(TEQ Type) and SR Nappa(INT)

    2nd-SR AGL Vegeta(4 bars)(no stunning)

    3rd-SSR (new Vegeta(INT)-(6 bars)(no stuns)(no ATK,DEF debuff)(Vegeta can stun on stages 3-5)

    4th-TUR AGL Great Ape(Vegeta)(7 bars)(no debuffs at all)(locks character)

    5th-TUR INT Great Ape(Vegeta)(9 bars)(no debuffs at all)(locks characters)

    [Exposive Waves]



    <Extreme INT>

    LS:”Saiyan Saga” Category Ki+2 and HP,ATK,DEF+120% or Extreme Class Ki+2 and HP,ATK,DEF+40%

    SA:Galick Gun-Greatly raises ATK for 1 turn,Causes Immense Damage to enemy

    PS:Warrior Elite Spirit-ATK+80;Extreme Class Allies’ DEF+20%;Counters any attack by a High chance with (Supreme Damage) and has a rare chance to stun)


    [Ticked-Off Warrior Elite Saiyan]

    Vegeta(Great Ape)

    LS:”Saiyan Saga” ki+3 And Stats+150% Or Extreme Clas Ki+3 And Stats+50%

    SA:Earth-Wreaking Galick Gun-Massively raises ATK for 1 turn, and Causes Immense Damage to the enemy

    PS:Final Attempt at Victory-ATK+120%;Extreme Class’ KI+2 and DEF+40%;Rare chance to become a Great Ape;Great chance to counter all attacks with (Supreme Damage) and a rare chance to stun

    SA:Elite Saiyan Ape Destruction-Greatly Raises ATK for 1 turn and Causes Destructive Damage to all Enemies

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