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Baba's Treasures Medals


Medal Usage Location
Hercule Belt x100
Medal shop ghost x35
Dokkan awaken logo 150
Thum 1003730 1Arrow3OrangeRightSSRTEQSatanThumb
Hercule Beltx10
Hercule Beltx20
Frame SSR TEQ thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1010900 thumbLR icon thumbS.TEQ icon thumb

Hercule Beltx70
Thum 1009280Arrow3OrangeRightURAGLSaiyamanThumb
Medal shop ghostx7
Thum 1004530Arrow3OrangeRightURTEQKrillinThumb
Medal shop ghostx7
Thum 1009300Arrow3OrangeRightURINTDaburaThumb
Medal shop ghostx7
Thum 1009310Arrow3OrangeRightURSTRRoshiThumb
Medal shop ghostx7
Thum 1009290Arrow3OrangeRightURPHYNappaThumb
Medal shop ghostx7
Baba shop ban

Other Medals

Supreme Kai's Trials

Medal Usage Location
Nimbus Cloud x42
Awaken 900005 x100
Dokkan awaken logo 150
Thum 1004370 1Arrow3OrangeRightThum 1010750
Nimbus Cloudx7
Thum 1005640 1Arrow3OrangeRightThum 1011380
Nimbus Cloudx7
Thumb 1012140Arrow3OrangeRightThumb 1012150
Nimbus Cloudx7
Thum 1011630Arrow3OrangeRight
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1011640 thumbLR icon thumbS.AGL icon thumb

Nimbus Cloudx21
Awaken 900005x30
Frame SSR STR thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1011680 thumbLR icon thumbS.STR icon thumb

Awaken 900005x70
News banner plain camp 20170912 timeattackmission smal
EN news banner kaioushinmission small

Server Events

Medal Usage Location
Goku Spirit Bomb x7
Goku 08 x7
Dokkan awaken logo 150

Thum 1005530 1Arrow3OrangeRightThum TURgokussjAGI
Goku Spirit Bombx7
Card 1013440 thumbArrow3OrangeRightCard 1013210 thumb
Goku 08x7

News 200 million energy campaign
En news banner legend camp 20180129 small
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