Hello to all the new contributors!

First of all, thanks for your help, you are putting a lot of efforts in this community, and thanks to that, this fanbase will not die.

Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to strictly follow the templates and the way of working used in the past. If you don't know how to do something, feel free to ask, tons of contributors can help you. Indeed, it takes more time to check and correct everything than to create a page from scratch.

Common "errors" we see (it's no big deal, but on a big scale, it takes hours to correct):

  • Thumbnails of cards (wrong size or bad quality picture);
  • When you add a new card, please add it in the associated Link Skill and/or Category page;
  • Only create a page if you are 100% sure of the name of the card and its spelling, otherwise redirection will be made if modified which is painful to mitigate.

Have fun everyone and keep helping the community! Thanks for your support!