Premier Super Attack Skill Effect
Premier supoer
Characters that need less Ki than usual to launch a Super Attack

Super atk

Cards with a special Ki meter.

Some of these characters have Multiple Super Attacks, and some might need a certain SA Lv. to obtain the ability to launch Super Attacks before reaching the standard 12 Ki.

Ki Meter 2 Green 6 Orange
Min. Ki Premier Ultra Super Attacks! Condition
Card_1015910_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
SA Lv.5

Kimeter type32
Min. Ki Premier Super Attacks! Condition
8 Thum 1008570Thum 1004680 1Thum 1004700 1Thum 1004690 1Thum 1003990
8 Thum 1009870Thum 1005460 1 SA Lv.5
9 GotenksSSJ3 baseURPHYSS3GotenksThumbGotenks ssr teq D baseSSRPHYSS3GotenksThumb
Card_1015910_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Thumb Pan bee turThum rabbit intPan (GT) (Bee) baseIconSabimenlol
SA Lv.5
9 Thum 1004100 SA Lv.7
9 Card 1018220 thumbThumb Burter AGL TURThumb Guldo TEQ TURURTEQKrillinThumbCard 1018410 thumbURINTDaburaThumbThumb 1014110Thumb 1014100Thum 1009560 SA Lv.10
9 Thumb piccolo strike dokkanThum 1006620Thumb 6235 TrunksThum 1005710 1CaptureMechFreiza SA Lv.15
10 Thumb cell strURThumb celll str

Ki Meter Rage 8 Ki
Min. Ki Premier Super Attacks during Rage Mode! Condition
8 Card 4017200 v1 Rage after using Active Skill
Kimeter type zBeerusFury
1 Thumb beerus furymodeZ Rage when HP is 40% or below (up to 2 times)
1 Thumb beerus furymode2Thumb 4006160Card 4005630 thumbCard 4012640 thumb Rage when HP is 30% or below (once only)

Hidden Potential
Pot skill additional
  • Thanks to the Hidden Potential you can give anyone the chance to launch additional attacks, regardless of the amount of Ki reached.
  • The chance of an additional attack being a Super Attack is 50%.
  • You can increase the chance of an additional attack by 2% per level; there are 15 extra levels.

Skill Effect
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