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Raise ATK Skill Effect

The first boost calculated when entering a battle is the one from Leader Skills, of which you can find a complete list here: Sortable Leader Skills.

ATK can be raised either at the start of turn (when HP is x or above, when Ki is x or more, per Ki Sphere obtained...) or when attacking (when performing a Super Attack, after receiving attack...). Because these two types of boosts activate in different slots, they would always get multiplied into each other rather than just being added to one another, resulting in a much bigger boost than usual. Super Attack effects, on the other hand, affect Super Attack Multipliers instead.

Hidden Potential

Pot skill type damage

You can raise attack against certain types with the Hidden Potential orbs , increasing your attack boost against your enemy opposite type.

Pot skill super

You can raise your Super attack damage against all types for an effective attack boost.

Skill Effect
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