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1 Thumb trade jewel 07002 will be rewarded for every 5 Dragon Stones used.

Featured cards

NewCard 1017010 thumb

Thum 1008880 Thum 1010120 Thumb FTrunks SSR STR SSRPHYAngerTrunks Thumb Zamasu SSR INT Thum 1009160 Thumb Zamasu SR AGL Thumb FTrunks SR AGL

Other cards

Legendary character
Following cards are also in the mix but not as featured cards

Thum 1011620 SSR AGL Baby Thumb Thum vegeta LR SSR SSRTEQGokuThum Card 1014950 thumb SSR Black Thought Goku Black thump Card 1016350 thumb SSR God-han Thumb 1012140 LR SSR Beerus Card 1015600 thumb SSRBrolySTR Thum 1011700 1 Thumb 1014000 Thumb 1014920

Summon rates

Featured SSRs: 7
Non-Featured SSRs: 195

  • SSRs: 10%
    • FEATURED SSRs: 5% (0.71% each)
    • NON-FEATURED SSRs: 5% (0.026% each)
  • SRs: 60%
  • Rs: 30%

One Guaranteed Featured SSR per Multi-Summon:

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