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SSRTrunks Thumb 6717 SSRSTRJanemba Thumb celll str SSRPHYCreepyBuu SSR Great Saiyaman SSJ2 Phy Thum 1004840 1 Thum 1002200 1 SRAGLJanemba


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Thum 1006680 1 Thum 1005410 1 Thum 1004210 1 Thum 1004560 1 Thum 1003570 1

Thum 1003320 1 Thum 1003770 1

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    16 messages
    • The videos they produce get enough views to support them on spending on the game. Especially Living Ichigo now that he has a Patreon and the like.
    • Dayum. Man, being a youtube celebrity must be epic XP You get paid to spend money XD
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