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Category Realm of Gods
Consists of characters with the power of gods.
Cards with "Realm of Gods" Leader Skills
Leader iconCard 1017120 thumbCard 1017110 thumbThumb 1013540SSRINTLimitGokuThumb
Sub Leader IconCard 1015190 thumbCard 1015200 thumbCard 1012050 thumbCard 1017020 thumbCard 1017010 thumb
LR_logo_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Super label Extreme label
Card_1011140_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1013770_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1011680_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
UR icon
Super label Extreme label
Card 1017040 thumbCard 1015970 thumbCard 1016100 thumbThumb 1014760Thumb 1013830Thumb 1013590Thum 1009970Thum 1009720Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441Thumb ssgssgoku 7258Card 1017120 thumbThum 1009350
Card 1016030 thumbCard 1016120 thumbCard 1015200 thumbThumb VB TUR TEQTEQTURWhisThumbThumb 1005300VegetaSSGSSTecThumb sgssgoku 7173TURZamasuUR Goku Black & Zamasu thump
Thumb 1013540URINTBeerusThumINTTURGodkuThumbThum 1009590INTTURWhisThumbCard 1015470 thumbThumb zamasu TUR INT
Card 1016050 thumbThumb 1013880Thumb 1013940LR UR BeerusThumb 1012330Thumb 1013600Thumb 1004880Thum 1009740Thumb Rose TUR STRThum 1009510
Card 1017020 thumbCard 1016510 thumbCard 1015410 thumbPHYTURGodkuThumbThum 1009730Thum 1009330Card 1011100 thumbCard 1015840 thumbThum 1008850glb
SSR icon
Super label Extreme label
Card 1017030 thumbCard 1015190 thumbThumb 1013820Thum 1003690 1Thum 1005290 1Thum 1004890 1Thum 1007920Thum 1002080 1Thum 1003600 1Card 1017110 thumbThum 1009340
Super chronoa thumbCard 1012050 thumbCard 1012710 thumbThumb VB SSR TEQThumb 1005630Thum 1003370 1Thumb 1005840SSRVegetaSSGSSThumb ssgssvegeta 6901Thum 1004070 1SSR Black Thought Goku Black thumpSSRZamasu
SSRINTBeerusThumSSRINTLimitGokuThumbThum 1002120 1Thum 1005350Thum 1009750Thumb 6469Card 1015460 thumbThumb Zamasu SSR INTThum 1004980 1
Card 1008150 thumbLR SSR BeerusThumb 1013480Thum 1003360 1Thum 1005220 1Thum 1009530Thum 1002090 1Card 1016930 thumbCard 1014260 thumbThumb Rose SSR STRThum 1009160
Card 1017010 thumbCard 1015400 thumbThumb PHY WhisSSRSSRPHYLimitGokuThumbCard 1011820 thumbThum 1003350 1Thumb ssgssgoku 5500Thum 1009320Thumb ssgssgoku 6809Thum 1004080 1Thum 1004950 1Demigra makyouka thumbThumb champa 7001Thum 1008840glb
SR icon
Super label Extreme label
Thum 1003900 1Thumb Zamasu SR AGL
Thum 1002110 1Thum 1008600
Thum 1002420 1Thum 1003480 1
Thum 1003170 1
Thumb 5726 whisThum 1003470 1Thum 1005510 1Merged Zamasu
R icon
Super label Extreme label
Thum 1000460 1

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