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Saibai touch start screen
April Fools Day event 2017

A new breath-taking game released!? That is, SaiBai Battle. In this game, you will be able to raise the strongest Saibaimen in the universe!

What's Saibai Battle?

The ultimate goal in this game is to raise your very own Saibaimen to prevail in the battle!
Newly born Saibaimen will evolve into a variety of breeds according to the way you raise them!
Just experiment different methods to see if you can grow a Saibaimen that can surpass God's existence!

Prepare for a Newborn!

Saibai battle 1

The choice of soil

The best Saibaimen come from the best soil!
Therefore, when it comes to your choice of soil, the competition has already started!
Earth is such a beautiful place without natural enemies against Saibaimen. It will be the best choice for beginners to start a career as a Saibaiman farmer!

The birth of Saibaimen

Once you decide the soil, then it's time to plant the seeds!
Without your love and patience, Saibaimen will still grow anyway, but it be nice to provide them with a bit of fertilizer and nice soil!
Once you hear the sound Geeeee, it means your Saibaiman is just born!

Doctor Nappa

Despite his mean look, bad temper and vicious tongue, Doctor Nappa's knowledge is raising Saibaimen is unquestionable!
So, if you're not too busy, pay some attention to him and listen to his advice!

Raise Your Saibaimen!

Saibai battle 2


Once born, Saibaimen will have the power to compete with Raditz and the likes of him. However, such power won't be enough to secure their survival in future battles.
To make them stonger, you can equip them with weapons, teach them martial arts or just give them some tough trainings!
As long as you pour enough love and patience, you will have a chance to get grateful Saibaimen who are willing to perform a self-destruct to sacrifice for you!
Come on now and try different methods to raise them!


Saibaimen can adapt themselves to various environments through evolution!
Their appearance may not change much after evolution, but their power will be tremendously elevated to another level!
On top of that, there's even possibility to produce rare breeds of Saibaimen, which may come in blue, grey or pink!
Move towards becoming a professional of raising Saibaimen!

Put Saibaimen on a Fight

Saibai battle 3Saibai battle 4


Once you think that your Saibaimen are ready to battle, you can put them on a fight against those of your friends!
The way you raise those Saibaimen and the amount of love you give them will decide how hard they will fight!
They would probably follow your order if you give them the command, Hey Saibaiman, shoot Kamehameha!
Never mind even if you lose the battle. Just relax, and keep raising them!


Whether you win or lose, the beautiful memories you share with your Saibaimen will always last. That's all it matters!
Now you must be quite familiar with this game and what it is about.
If not, why not try for yourselves!


We released the first-hand news of the brand new game Saibai Battle. This news is just a joke for April Fools' Day. Please forgive us if this has caused you any confusion. We are sorry that we are not able to release Saibai Battle to make your wish come true. To compensate for letting you down, all players will receive the following gifts, and we wish all of you a happy April Fools' Day! Compensation Gifts are Mass-Produced Soldier Saibaiman and 15 Dragon Stones

April Fool's Day
April Fool's
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