Seal Super Attack Skill Effect
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To the right is Krillin and he's slightly miffed as now he cannot use his Super Attack, he is worried that he will not be able to K.O. his enemy and the realization of defeat has him very worried. Now he cannot use his Destructo Disk and will have to settle for a weak attack, thus leaving the other party free from worry of a Super Attack, and saving that last Senzu bean for the next turn. Sealed Krillin

Enemy can only use normal attacks
Some Boss battles nullify the ability to seal, so be sure to check the event pages before relying on a sealer.

Super atk
Seal attacked enemy for 2 turns

Use a Super Attack to seal the enemy
100% chance (Ki 18+)
Card_1014020_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
100% chance (Ki 12-17) 
Card_1016230_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
Card_1013390_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
100% chance
Card 1015950 thumb Card 1016650 thumbCard 1016030 thumbThum 1010300 Card 1014060 thumbCard 4014070 thumb v1Card 1016300 thumbCard 1011210 thumbThumb cell gt int URThum 1007140 Card 4015070 thumbCard 1014180 thumb Card 1017020 thumbCard 1013380 thumbURPHYBuutenksThum 1010310Thum 1009860
Card 1016280 thumbCard 1015430 thumb Super chronoa thumbJackiechun ssr iconThum 1008480Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail Card 1017690 thumbCard 1016290 thumbCard 1014200 thumbCard 1011200 thumbThumb cell gt int ssrBardock300 Thum 1008110Thumb 1012060 Card 1017010 thumbCard 1006730 thumbCard 1013370 thumbThumb cell gt phy ssrThum 1004380 1Thum 1004720 1
Card 1015730 thumb Thum 1004180 1Thum 1003450 1 Thum 1003570 1Thum 1003940 1 Card 1013360 thumb
Thum 1006380Thum 1002300 1 Thum 1002160 1Thum 2000740 1 Card 1013140 thumbThum 1002380 1
High chance (50%)
Card 1016640 thumb
Medium chance (30%)
Card 1017220 thumbCard 1017210 thumb Thumb 1011780Thumb 1011770

Passive skill
Seal enemy with any attack

Use any attack to seal and prevent the enemy from using a Super Attack
50% chance to seal for 2 turns 30% chance to seal for 3 turns when Ki is 5 or more
Thumb 1013890 Thum 1000950 1

Passive skill
Seal all enemies for 1 turn

Chance to seal all enemies at start of turn
Rare chance (2%)
Thum 1000130 1

Skill Effect
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