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News banner event 215 small.png Parade of the Dead.png
News banner event 212 small logo.png SDBH Dark Empire Saga.png
News banner event 211 small.png Full Moon Monster.png
News banner event 201 small.png Bulma's Wild Chase.png
News banner event 193 small.png Battle-Smart Brawlers AGL.png
News banner event 194 small.png Battle-Smart Brawlers TEQ.png
News banner event 195 small.png Battle-Smart Brawlers INT.png
News banner event 196 small.png Battle-Smart Brawlers STR.png
News banner event 197 small.png Battle-Smart Brawlers PHY.png
News banner event 198 small.png Battle-Smart Brawlers All Open.png
News banner event 189 small.png SDBH PrisonPlanetSaga small.png
EN news banner event 188 small.png PerfectDisguise small.png
News banner event 181 small.png Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission.png
News banner event 179 small B.png DokkanButoden.png
News banner event 160 small.png Spread Love Magical Girl Fighters.png
News banner event 171 small.png Ghostly Prank.png
News banner event 162 small.png Dragon Ball FighterZ.png
EN news banner event 161 small.png Little Rangers.png
News banner event 153 small.png Ginyu Force Training Burter.png
News banner event 154 small.png Ginyu Force Training Guldo.png
News banner event 155 small.png Ginyu Force Training Ginyu.png
News banner event 156 small.png Ginyu Force Training Jeice.png
News banner event 157 small.png Ginyu Force Training Recoome.png
News banner event 158 small.png Ginyu Force Training All.png
EN news banner event 137 small.png DBF Fused World.png
Event majin buus candy mischief.png Majin Buu's Candy Mischief.png
EN news banner event 150 small.png Looking For Mr. Right.png
Event gratitude and hope.png Adventure of Gratitude.png
Event arale dokkan small.png Penguin Village Adventure
Event arale special small.png Peculiar Penguin Village.png
Event Baseball small.png Captain Yamcha's Grand Slam.png
Event Resurrection F.jpg Resurrection F.png


EN news banner event 151 small.png Arise Otherworld Challengers.png

Worldwide Celebration Campaign

News banner event 204 small.png Launch's Treasure Hunt WW celebration.png

5th Anniversary

News banner event 192 small.png Frieza's Army Enlistment Test.png


News banner event 182 small.png EvolutionOfTheUltimateLifeForm.png
News banner event 183 small.png Tile Breaking Challenge.png

4th Anniversary

News banner event 172 small.png The Universe Is in Peril.png
News banner event 173 small.png WishUponAnEternalDragon.png
News banner event 178 small.png Hercule's Successor.png


EN news banner event 163 small.png Launch's Treasure Hunt 250m.png

3rd Anniversary

News banner event 159 small.png Full Power Goku STA Event.png

2nd Anniversary

Event 2 year aniv small.png 2nd An. Tale of Super Warriors.png

One Piece Crossover

Event crossover new small.png Crossover 2.png
News banner event 316 small en.png Crossover 1.png

30th Anime Anniversary (Japan)

Event 30th anv small.png 30th DB Anime anniversary.png

Resurrection F Movie Countdown

Event Countdown to resurrection.jpg Countdown to Resurrection.png


News banner plain camp 20210401 A1 small.png Dokkan of the Dead.png


News banner plain camp 20200401 A small.png Dokkan Race.png


Retro banner.png Retro Mode.png


Event dolly ball z small.png Dolly Battle.png


Fools Saibai battle small.png SaiBai Battle.png

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