Special Skills

The idea of this page was to bring together a collection of characters that have Special Skills that can help the team out in battle. For example, characters' Skills would only appear here if they raised the entire team's stats and not just their own. The idea was mainly for in-battle Passive Skills, but it has evolved to include Leader Skills and Super Attack buffs as well.

The Special Technique icons are in-battle and appear in a round next to the character or enemy when they are in effect. They signify a positive or negative status effect, like if they are stunned or if they have received an ATK boost.

The Special Skills icons do not appear in-game but signify a Skill that can help you strategize with team-building. These are only for Wiki categorization.

Some Special Technique symbols have been replaced in the game, possibly to make it easier for Dokkan Battle's developers. Some have been replaced, some have been completely removed, and others are only used for very specific Boss battles (long-forgotten by now).

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St 0011
Lower Attack Reduces enemies' ATK
St 0012
Lower Defense Reduces enemies' DEF
St 0100
Stun Enemy cannot attack
St 0102
Seal Super Attack Enemy cannot perform Super Attack
Ki Boost Passive
Ki Boost Ki Boosts from teammates
St 0003
Ki Boost AGL icon Leader Ki Boosts
St 0003
Ki Boost TEQ icon Leader Ki Boosts
St 0003
Ki Boost INT icon Leader Ki Boosts
St 0003
Ki Boost STR icon Leader Ki Boosts
St 0003
Ki Boost PHY icon Leader Ki Boosts
St 0003
Ki Boost All types squash Leader Ki Boosts
St 0003
Ki Boost Category tab Leader Ki Boosts
St 0001
Raise Attack Increases ATK
St 0002
Raise Defense Increases DEF
HP Boost
Raise HP Increases HP

St Ki change
Ki Sphere Change Changes Ki Spheres from one Type to another
Attack boost per ki sphere
Attack Boost: Per Ki Sphere Increases ATK per Ki Sphere obtained
HP Recovery Regenerates health
Block Reduces received damage
Dual Attack
Additional Attack Adds additional attacks to your first attack
Attack All Launches Super Attack against all enemies
St Critical Hit
Critical Hit Chance to bypass DEF and Type disadvantage
Counterattack Attacks the enemy after receiving an attack
Alteration Transforms during battle
Premier Super Attack Launches Super Attack earlier than others
Diverse Super
Diverse Super Attack Can launch different Super Attacks
Dokkan Type
Specific Characters Specialized Dokkan Event Characters
Disable G
Disable Guard Disables enemies' Type advantage when attacking them
Stack attack
Stack Attack Raises ATK for 1 or more turns
Stack defense
Stack Defense Raises DEF for 1 or more turns
ST Evade
Evade Evades enemy's attack
St Versus
Category Matchup Bonus skills when against certain Categories

Countdown KO
Knock Out Enemy will countdown from 3 and launch a K.O. attack
St 1004
Coercion Player cannot rearrange certain characters
St 0103
Immunity Immune to Ghost Usher
St immune reduce ATK
Immunity Immune to Special Techniques

St 1002
Disable Guard Replaced with: St 0012
St 0101
Boss Status Effect Replaced with: "Enemy Skill Activated"
St 0104
Special Technique Disabled Prevents Boss from causing negative status effects
St 0013
Negative Status Effect Replaced with: St 0012 and St 0011

Com label link skill
Link Skills Skills that activate only when a card is paired with another one that shares the same skill.
Categories Characters that fall under the umbrella of "Categories" can benefit from Leader Skills designated for the said Category. This also allows for benefits in certain events, the primary being increased drop rates in items/characters.