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Awakening Medals
Maiden's Love
Recruit Cards
Card 1013470 thumb
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 2 Apr 2018 Info Icon
Global server 2 Apr 2018 Info Icon
Weakness No Weakness
Increase Drop Peppy Gals
Universe Survival Saga
No Tactics available
Chara banner 1013470 small newChara banner 1015421 smallChara banner 1014161 smallChara banner 1014460 smallChara banner 1014171 small 1Chara banner 1014141 smallChara banner 1014180 smallChara banner 1014151 small
New Special Event available! Take on characters from the "Peppy Gals" and "Universe Survival Saga" Category to challenge this event!
Difficulty Boss Type Rank Exp. Char Exp. Zeni Drop Qty DS icon
Level 1: Let's Spread Love!
Normal 8 Thumb ssr toppo str STR icon 1600 4000 2500 One of these
Videl AGL UP Videl TEQ UP Videl INT UP
Videl STR UP Videl PHY UP
1 1
Zhard 15 Thumb ssr toppo str SSTR icon 9900 15000 6000 Ranfan 1-2 1
Level 2: Believe in Love!
Normal 8 Thumb goku phy sr septThum 1003870 1 PHY iconINT icon 1600 5000 2500 Launch normal 1-2 1
Zhard 15 Thumb goku phy sr septThum 1003870 1 SPHY iconSINT icon 9900 18000 6000 Android 18 support or Bulma support 0-1 1
Level 3: Love Lasts Forever!
Normal 8 Thumb ssr teq android 17Thum 1012040 TEQ iconTEQ icon 1600 6000 2500 Card 1013470 thumbor Baba 0-1 1
Zhard 15 Thumb ssr teq android 17Thum 1012040 STEQ iconSTEQ icon 9900 21000 6000 Card 1013470 thumbor Baba 0-1 1
Level 4: Return of the Magical Girl Fighters
Normal 8 Thum 1002930 1Thumb android 18 agl ssr top STR iconAGL icon 1600 7000 2500 Maiden's Love or Marron support 1 1
Zhard 15 Thum 1002930 1Thumb android 18 agl ssr top SSTR iconSAGL icon 9900 22000 6000 Maiden's Love 1-2 1

Additional information
  • Characters from the "Peppy Gals" and "Universe Survival Saga" Categories increase the
    for extra drops, with the bonus chance being a little lower than usual events.
    • The following characters belong to both Categories and they'll double the bonus chance:
      Thumb 1013410SSRAGLSS2CaulifaThumbThumb 1013640••Card 1016260 thumbThumb 1013630••Thumb 1013660••Card 1016270 thumbThumb 1013650••
      Card_1016840_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
      ••Card 1016830 thumb••Card 1016820 thumb••Thumb 1013430••SSRPHYKaflaThum••Thumb android 18 tur teq topThum 1012040Thumb android 18 agl ssr top••Card 1015420 thumbCard 1013470 thumb••Thumb 1013950••Card 1012300 thumb••Card 1014200 thumb••SSRTEQYurinThumb

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Thum 1010120 Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1014160 thumb
Thum 1010110 Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1014170 thumb
Thum 1010090 Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1014140 thumb
Card 1013470 thumb Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1015420 thumb
Thum 1010130 Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1014150 thumb
Thumb 1012060 Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1014180 thumb
Thumb 1012090 Maiden's Lovex20 Card 1014460 thumb
Total amount for all
Maiden's Love x140 Maiden's Love =140

  • Clear Magical Girl Fighters! on NORMAL: Z sword AGLZ sword TEQZ sword INTZ sword STRZ sword PHY x5
  • Clear Magical Girl Fighters! on Z-HARD: Platinum Turtle Shell AGLPlatinum Turtle Shell TEQPlatinum Turtle Shell INTPlatinum Turtle Shell STRPlatinum Turtle Shell PHY x1
  • Clear Stage 3 on Z-HARD: Card 1013470 thumb x1
  • Clear Stage 3 on Z-HARD with at least 3 characters in the "Peppy Gals" Category:
    Grandpa gohanMutaitoMaster shenMr popoMaster roshi x25
  • Clear Stage 3 on Z-HARD with at least 3 characters in the "Universe Survival Saga" Category:
    KorinGrand elder guruKamiBabidiBibidi x10
  • Level up Super Ribrianne's SA to Lv. 3: DS icon x1
  • Level up Super Ribrianne's SA to Lv. 7: DS icon x2
  • Level up Super Ribrianne's SA to Lv. 10: DS icon x3
  • Dokkan Awaken Card 1013470 thumb: DS icon x2
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