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Event battle road big
Awakening Medals
No Awakening Medals
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 18 Oct 2017
Global server 14 Feb 2018
Weakness various
Increase Drop No increased drop
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Chara banner 1012401 smallChara banner Grand Kai small

STAGES 1 - 10 STAGES 11 - 20 STAGES 21 - 30
SBR tactics 1 SBR tactics 2 SBR tactics 3
Challengers wanted! A whole new and extremely challenging event is now on!
Difficulty # Random Boss Type Special Friend
Level 1: [VS. Extreme AGL] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Super TEQ Team only (Super TEQ Tactics)
Super3 0 1st ExtremeAGL 2000060ExtremeAGL 1000170ExtremeAGL 1001130 EAGL iconEAGL iconmin.
EAGL iconEAGL iconEAGL iconEAGL iconEAGL iconmax.
Thum 1010260
ExtremeAGL 1001840ExtremeAGL 1001830
ExtremeAGL 2000070ExtremeAGL 1001380
2nd ExtremeAGL 1000190ExtremeAGL 1001060ExtremeAGL 1001080ExtremeAGL 1001090ExtremeAGL 1001070
ExtremeAGL 2000040ExtremeAGL 1000360ExtremeAGL 1000510
ExtremeAGL 2000280ExtremeAGL 2000190
3rd ExtremeAGL 1008640ExtremeAGL 1003930ExtremeAGL 1003940ExtremeAGL 1003920ExtremeAGL 1003950
ExtremeAGL 1009080ExtremeAGL 1002490ExtremeAGL 1002500ExtremeAGL 1002510
ExtremeAGL 1002520ExtremeAGL 1002540ExtremeAGL 1002550
4th ExtremeAGL 1004940ExtremeAGL 2000720ExtremeAGL 2000710ExtremeAGL 2000730ExtremeAGL 2000740
ExtremeAGL 1001720ExtremeAGL 1000660ExtremeAGL 1000660ExtremeAGL 1000660ExtremeAGL 1000660
ExtremeAGL 1001940ExtremeAGL 1002050
Level 2: [VS. Super AGL] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Extreme TEQ Team only (Extreme TEQ Tactics)
Super3 0 1st SuperAGL 2000140SuperAGL 1001540SuperAGL 1001500SuperAGL 1001550SuperAGL 1001560 SAGL iconSAGL iconmin.

SAGL iconSAGL iconSAGL iconSAGL iconSAGL iconmax.

SuperAGL 1001160SuperAGL 1001200SuperAGL 1000310SuperAGL 1002910
SuperAGL 1000640SuperAGL 1001990SuperAGL 1005760
2nd SuperAGL 1001630SuperAGL 1004720
SuperAGL 1004690SuperAGL 1003990
SuperAGL 1003580SuperAGL 1002950
3rd SuperAGL 1004280SuperAGL 1005400
SuperAGL 1009890SuperAGL 1002570
SuperAGL 1004370SuperAGL 1001800
4th SuperAGL 1001920SuperAGL 1003270SuperAGL 1005090SuperAGL 1001790SuperAGL 1005100
SuperAGL 1004340SuperAGL 1004350SuperAGL 1004360
SuperAGL 1003200SuperAGL 1003230SuperAGL 1003510
Level 3: [VS. Extreme TEQ] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Super INT Team only (Super INT Tactics)
Super3 0 1st ExtremeTEQ 2000060ExtremeTEQ 1000170ExtremeTEQ 1001130 ETEQ iconETEQ iconmin.
ETEQ iconETEQ iconETEQ iconETEQ iconETEQ iconmax.
Thum goget ur int
ExtremeTEQ 1001840ExtremeTEQ 1001830
ExtremeTEQ 2000070ExtremeTEQ 1001380
2nd ExtremeTEQ 1000190ExtremeTEQ 1001060ExtremeTEQ 1001080ExtremeTEQ 1001090ExtremeTEQ 1001070
ExtremeTEQ 2000040ExtremeTEQ 1000360ExtremeTEQ 1000510
ExtremeTEQ 2000280ExtremeTEQ 2000190
3rd ExtremeTEQ 1008640ExtremeTEQ 1003930ExtremeTEQ 1003940ExtremeTEQ 1003920ExtremeTEQ 1003950
ExtremeTEQ 1009080ExtremeTEQ 1002490ExtremeTEQ 1002500ExtremeTEQ 1002510
ExtremeTEQ 1002520ExtremeTEQ 1002540ExtremeTEQ 1002550
4th ExtremeTEQ 1004940ExtremeTEQ 2000720ExtremeTEQ 2000710ExtremeTEQ 2000730ExtremeTEQ 2000740
ExtremeTEQ 1001720ExtremeTEQ 1000660ExtremeTEQ 1000660ExtremeTEQ 1000660ExtremeTEQ 1000660
ExtremeTEQ 1001940ExtremeTEQ 1002050
Level 4: [VS. Super TEQ] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Extreme INT Team only (Extreme INT Tactics)
Super3 0 1st SuperTEQ 2000140SuperTEQ 1001540SuperTEQ 1001500SuperTEQ 1001550SuperTEQ 1001560 STEQ iconSTEQ iconmin.

STEQ iconSTEQ iconSTEQ iconSTEQ iconSTEQ iconmax.

SuperTEQ 1001160SuperTEQ 1001200SuperTEQ 1000310SuperTEQ 1002910
SuperTEQ 1000640SuperTEQ 1001990SuperTEQ 1005760
2nd SuperTEQ 1001630SuperTEQ 1004720
SuperTEQ 1004690SuperTEQ 1003990
SuperTEQ 1003580SuperTEQ 1002950
3rd SuperTEQ 1004280SuperTEQ 1005400
SuperTEQ 1009890SuperTEQ 1002570
SuperTEQ 1004370SuperTEQ 1001800
4th SuperTEQ 1001920SuperTEQ 1003270SuperTEQ 1005090SuperTEQ 1001790SuperTEQ 1005100
SuperTEQ 1004340SuperTEQ 1004350SuperTEQ 1004360
SuperTEQ 1003200SuperTEQ 1003230SuperTEQ 1003510
Level 5: [VS. Extreme INT] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Super PHY Team only (Super PHY Tactics)
Super3 0 1st ExtremeINT 2000060ExtremeINT 1000170ExtremeINT 1001130 EINT iconEINT iconmin.
EINT iconEINT iconEINT iconEINT iconEINT iconmax.
ExtremeINT 1001840ExtremeINT 1001830
ExtremeINT 2000070ExtremeINT 1001380
2nd ExtremeINT 1000190ExtremeINT 1001060ExtremeINT 1001080ExtremeINT 1001090ExtremeINT 1001070
ExtremeINT 2000040ExtremeINT 1000360ExtremeINT 1000510
ExtremeINT 2000280ExtremeINT 2000190
3rd ExtremeINT 1008640ExtremeINT 1003930ExtremeINT 1003940ExtremeINT 1003920ExtremeINT 1003950
ExtremeINT 1009080ExtremeINT 1002490ExtremeINT 1002500ExtremeINT 1002510
ExtremeINT 1002520ExtremeINT 1002540ExtremeINT 1002550
4th ExtremeINT 1004940ExtremeINT 2000720ExtremeINT 2000710ExtremeINT 2000730ExtremeINT 2000740
ExtremeINT 1001720ExtremeINT 1000660ExtremeINT 1000660ExtremeINT 1000660ExtremeINT 1000660
ExtremeINT 1001940ExtremeINT 1002050
Level 6: [VS. Super INT] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Extreme PHY Team only (Extreme PHY Tactics)
Super3 0 1st SuperINT 2000140SuperINT 1001540SuperINT 1001500SuperINT 1001550SuperINT 1001560 SINT iconSINT iconmin.

SINT iconSINT iconSINT iconSINT iconSINT iconmax.

Thum 1009090
SuperINT 1001160SuperINT 1001200SuperINT 1000310SuperINT 1002910
SuperINT 1000640SuperINT 1001990SuperINT 1005760
2nd SuperINT 1001630SuperINT 1004720
SuperINT 1004690SuperINT 1003990
SuperINT 1003580SuperINT 1002950
3rd SuperINT 1004280SuperINT 1005400
SuperINT 1009890SuperINT 1002570
SuperINT 1004370SuperINT 1001800
4th SuperINT 1001920SuperINT 1003270SuperINT 1005090SuperINT 1001790SuperINT 1005100
SuperINT 1004340SuperINT 1004350SuperINT 1004360
SuperINT 1003200SuperINT 1003230SuperINT 1003510
Level 7: [VS. Extreme STR] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Super AGL Team only (Super AGL Tactics)
Super3 0 1st ExtremeSTR 2000060ExtremeSTR 1000170ExtremeSTR 1001130 ESTR iconESTR iconmin.
ESTR iconESTR iconESTR iconESTR iconESTR iconmax.
Thum 1009830
ExtremeSTR 1001840ExtremeSTR 1001830
ExtremeSTR 2000070ExtremeSTR 1001380
2nd ExtremeSTR 1000190ExtremeSTR 1001060ExtremeSTR 1001080ExtremeSTR 1001090ExtremeSTR 1001070
ExtremeSTR 2000040ExtremeSTR 1000360ExtremeSTR 1000510
ExtremeSTR 2000280ExtremeSTR 2000190
3rd ExtremeSTR 1008640ExtremeSTR 1003930ExtremeSTR 1003940ExtremeSTR 1003920ExtremeSTR 1003950
ExtremeSTR 1009080ExtremeSTR 1002490ExtremeSTR 1002500ExtremeSTR 1002510
ExtremeSTR 1002520ExtremeSTR 1002540ExtremeSTR 1002550
4th ExtremeSTR 1004940ExtremeSTR 2000720ExtremeSTR 2000710ExtremeSTR 2000730ExtremeSTR 2000740
ExtremeSTR 1001720ExtremeSTR 1000660ExtremeSTR 1000660ExtremeSTR 1000660ExtremeSTR 1000660
ExtremeSTR 1001940ExtremeSTR 1002050
Level 8: [VS. Super STR] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Extreme AGL Team only (Extreme AGL Tactics)
Super3 0 1st SuperSTR 2000140SuperSTR 1001540SuperSTR 1001500SuperSTR 1001550SuperSTR 1001560 SSTR iconSSTR iconmin.

SSTR iconSSTR iconSSTR iconSSTR iconSSTR iconmax.

Thum agl ur S17
SuperSTR 1001160SuperSTR 1001200SuperSTR 1000310SuperSTR 1002910
SuperSTR 1000640SuperSTR 1001990SuperSTR 1005760
2nd SuperSTR 1001630SuperSTR 1004720
SuperSTR 1004690SuperSTR 1003990
SuperSTR 1003580SuperSTR 1002950
3rd SuperSTR 1004280SuperSTR 1005400
SuperSTR 1009890SuperSTR 1002570
SuperSTR 1004370SuperSTR 1001800
4th SuperSTR 1001920SuperSTR 1003270SuperSTR 1005090SuperSTR 1001790SuperSTR 1005100
SuperSTR 1004340SuperSTR 1004350SuperSTR 1004360
SuperSTR 1003200SuperSTR 1003230SuperSTR 1003510
Level 9: [VS. Extreme PHY] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Super STR Team only (Super STR Tactics)
Super3 0 1st ExtremePHY 2000060ExtremePHY 1000170ExtremePHY 1001130 EPHY iconEPHY iconmin.
EPHY iconEPHY iconEPHY iconEPHY iconEPHY iconmax.
Thum 1009430
ExtremePHY 1001840ExtremePHY 1001830
ExtremePHY 2000070ExtremePHY 1001380
2nd ExtremePHY 1000190ExtremePHY 1001060ExtremePHY 1001080ExtremePHY 1001090ExtremePHY 1001070
ExtremePHY 2000040ExtremePHY 1000360ExtremePHY 1000510
ExtremePHY 2000280ExtremePHY 2000190
3rd ExtremePHY 1008640ExtremePHY 1003930ExtremePHY 1003940ExtremePHY 1003920ExtremePHY 1003950
ExtremePHY 1009080ExtremePHY 1002490ExtremePHY 1002500ExtremePHY 1002510
ExtremePHY 1002520ExtremePHY 1002540ExtremePHY 1002550
4th ExtremePHY 1004940ExtremePHY 2000720ExtremePHY 2000710ExtremePHY 2000730ExtremePHY 2000740
ExtremePHY 1001720ExtremePHY 1000660ExtremePHY 1000660ExtremePHY 1000660ExtremePHY 1000660
ExtremePHY 1001940ExtremePHY 1002050
Level 10: [VS. Super PHY] Super Battle Road
Stage Restrictions: Extreme STR Team only (Extreme STR Tactics)
Super3 0 1st SuperPHY 2000140SuperPHY 1001540SuperPHY 1001500SuperPHY 1001550SuperPHY 1001560 SPHY iconSPHY iconmin.

SPHY iconSPHY iconSPHY iconSPHY iconSPHY iconmax.

Thum janemba ur str
SuperPHY 1001160SuperPHY 1001200SuperPHY 1000310SuperPHY 1002910
SuperPHY 1000640SuperPHY 1001990SuperPHY 1005760
2nd SuperPHY 1001630SuperPHY 1004720
SuperPHY 1004690SuperPHY 1003990
SuperPHY 1003580SuperPHY 1002950
3rd SuperPHY 1004280SuperPHY 1005400
SuperPHY 1009890SuperPHY 1002570
SuperPHY 1004370SuperPHY 1001800
4th SuperPHY 1001920SuperPHY 1003270SuperPHY 1005090SuperPHY 1001790SuperPHY 1005100
SuperPHY 1004340SuperPHY 1004350SuperPHY 1004360
SuperPHY 1003200SuperPHY 1003230SuperPHY 1003510

Additional Information
  • All bosses are randomized out of three possible enemy teams per round.
  • You can only use Super or Extreme mono teams, meaning teams that consist of characters of the same Type.
  • The type of the filler Saibamen will vary depending on the stage.
  • You can exchange Trade jewel glow of battle for Thumb Grand Kai AGLThumb Grand Kai TEQThumb Grand Kai INTThumb Grand Kai STRThumb Grand Kai PHY in Baba's Shop.
  • The Friend List always provides a Special Friend with Super Attack Lv.10 and no Hidden Potential buffs.
  • No Zeni or Rank/Character EXP is rewarded.
  • No stamina is required to enter.
  • Weekly event: from 22:30 PST on Fridays to 22:29 PST on Sundays.

  • There is no time limit to claim the mission rewards.
  • You can get 
    Card_1012400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
     a total of 5 times.
  • You can claim Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5 from the missions only once per stage; an additional DS icon x1 is rewarded upon the first win of a stage.

  • Clear any stage 20 times (stage 1 - 10) -
    Card_1012400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
  • Clear all "SUPER" stages -
    Card_1012400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
  • Clear all "EXTREME" stages -
    Card_1012400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
  • Clear all stages -
    Card_1012400_thumb_apng.pngTransparent thumb
  • Clear stage 1 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 2 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 3 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 4 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 5 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 6 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 7 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 8 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 9 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5
  • Clear stage 10 - Trade jewel glow of battle x1 and DS icon x5

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