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Quest top banner 333
Awakening Medals
SSJ Goten Bio BrolySSJ Trunks Kid Bio Broly18 Bio BrolyBio Broly
Recruit Cards
Thum 1007900ssrmaxSSRTEQBioBrolyThumb
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 13 Jun 2017
Global server 21 Oct 2017
Weakness No Weakness
Increase Drop Resurrected Warriors
No Tactics available
Having accepted a challenge from Lord Jaguar, Hercule, along with Goten, Trunks and Android #18, arrived at Jaguar Island, an island filled with Bio-Warriors. Among the genetically engineered war machines, they saw a formidable enemy who should've been defeated long ago...!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Hercule's Secret?!
Hard 12 Thum 1000580 1 INT icon 5160 4000 4000 Thum 1002650 1
Thum 1002640 1

Zhard 15 Thum 1000580 1 SINT icon 9900 7000 7000 Thum 1002650 1
Thum 1002640 1
Thum 1002630 1


Level 2: Showdown! Bio-Warrior
Hard 12 Card 1008300 thumbCard 1008310 thumbCard 1008320 thumb STR iconINT iconTEQ icon 5160 5000 5000 SSJ Goten Bio Broly
SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Broly

Zhard 15 Card 1008300 thumbCard 1008310 thumbCard 1008320 thumb ESTR iconEINT iconETEQ icon 9900 9000 9000 SSJ Goten Bio Broly
SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Broly

Level 3: The Demon Returns!
Hard 13 SSRTEQBioBrolyThumb TEQ icon 5590 6000 6000 18 Bio Broly 0-1 1
Zhard 16 SSRTEQBioBrolyThumb ETEQ icon 10560 12000 12000 18 Bio Broly 0-2 1
Level 4: The Tag Team Challenge
Hard 13 URTEQBioBrolyThumb TEQ icon 5590 7000 7000 Thum 1007900ssrmax 0-1 1
Zhard 16 URTEQBioBrolyThumb ETEQ icon 10560 15000 15000 Thum 1007900ssrmax 0-1 1
Level 5: Broly, Tenacious Beast
Hard 13 Card 1011240 thumb STR icon 5590 8000 8000 SSRTEQBioBrolyThumb
Bio Broly

Zhard 16 Card 1011240 thumb ESTR icon 10560 18000 18000 SSRTEQBioBrolyThumb
Bio Broly


Additional Information

  • Clear all stages on HARD:
    Weight 10t AGL
    Weight 10t TEQ
    Weight 10t INT
    Weight 10t STR
    Weight 10t PHY
  • Clear all stages on Z-HARD:
    Z sword AGL
    Z sword TEQ
    Z sword INT
    Z sword STR
    Z sword PHY
  • Clear the 5th stage on Z-HARD without using Continue and Items: DS icon x1
  • Clear 1st stage 5 times on Z-Hard: Thum 1002630 1 x1
  • Clear 2nd stage 5 times on Z-Hard: SSJ Goten Bio Broly SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Broly x1
  • Clear 2nd stage 12 times on Z-Hard: SSJ Goten Bio Broly SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Broly x1
  • Clear 3rd stage 5 times on Z-Hard: 18 Bio Broly x1
  • Clear 3rd stage 12 times on Z-Hard: 18 Bio Broly x1

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
SSRTEQBioBrolyThumb Bio Brolyx12 SSJ Goten Bio Brolyx3 SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Brolyx3 18 Bio Brolyx3 URTEQBioBrolyThumb
Card 1007780 thumb SSJ Goten Bio Brolyx7 URAGLBrolyGotenThumb
Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Brolyx7 URPHYBrolyTrunksThumb
SSRSTR18Thumb 18 Bio Brolyx7 URSTR18Thumb
Total amount for all
Bio Brolyx12 SSJ Goten Bio Brolyx10 SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Brolyx10 18 Bio Brolyx10 Bio Brolyx0 SSJ Goten Bio Brolyx0 SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Brolyx0 18 Bio Brolyx0 Bio Broly=12 SSJ Goten Bio Broly=10 SSJ Trunks Kid Bio Broly=10 18 Bio Broly=10

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