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Halloween Campaign!

News banner plain camp 20181025 large EN event

A total of 20 celebrating events are here!
Come join the events and enjoy all the fun!

News banner plain camp 20181025 large EN

Log in for every day for DS icon x18 and candy canes
Login on Halloween for DS icon x3 
Click the image for more details

News banner plain camp 20181025 daymission small EN

Complete the missions for  DS icon x10
Complete Missions Daily for DS icon x18
Click the image for more details

Sale Dragon stones

32 Dragon Stones: over 50% discount (once only)

91 Dragon Stones: over 20% discount (5 times only)

Extreme-Z-Battle-Challenge-Pack 2
Get some tickets again

News banner gasha 00421 small ENNews banner gasha 00412 small ENNews banner gasha 00453 smallenglish
Get some summons!

News banner event 171 small
A brand new Event just for Halloween!
Event majin buus candy mischief
A returning Halloween special event!
News banner legend camp 20180426 small EN
The long awaited Frieza Campaign!
EN news banner event 710 smallEvent Z ss3 goku awaken smallNews banner event 344 small
Returning events
News banner event 524 small nNews banner event 540 small
A brand new stage and a brand new Dokkan event all at the same time! 
EN news banner event 377 small
Returning event
Event Bardock strory small
A brand new awakening and event overhaul!
Event combat preparation of genius bulmaThe 23rd WT
World Tournament grind here we go again! (later)

Info training success doubled
Get a great chance to double that success

Total amount of DS icon Dragon Stones given during this campaign:

21 (Login bonus)
+ 28 (Campaign missions) 
+ 40 (World Tournament Rewards excluding local ranking)
+ 1 (World Tournament mission)
+ 6 (Spooktenks event, SSBE Vegeta and Jiren Dokkan event)
+ 30 (Lr Frieza Campaign)
+ 20 (Bardock story event)
+ 2 (Bardock story mission)
+ 1 (Minor compensations)
+ 2 (Server maintenance compensation)
= DS icon x111