This page is to help players with a specific event. You can post teams that you used to clear the event.
Please keep in mind to post teams that you have tested yourself.

Guide: Tactics Teams Template
Challenge Events.png Banniere tactics pages.png Awakening Medals
Extreme Super Battle Road.png
Tactics Logo.png
No Awakening Medals
No cards to Awaken
Server Global server.png Japan server.png
Weakness Super or Extreme Mono Teams
Back to event page.png
Breaker Deck 1 to 7.png
Extreme Super Battle Road
ESBR tactics 1.pngESBR tactics 2.png
Stages 1 - 10
SAGL icon.png
STEQ icon.png
SINT icon.png
SSTR icon.png
SPHY icon.png
EAGL icon.png
ETEQ icon.png
EINT icon.png
ESTR icon.png
EPHY icon.png
Stages 11 - 20
All types squash super.png
All types squash extreme.png
HybridSaiyansCategory.pngResurrectedWarriorsCategory.pngCategory Realm of Gods.pngMajinBuuSagaCategory.pngPotara Category.png
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