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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki
This page is to help players with a specific event. You can post teams that you used to clear the event.
Please keep in mind to post teams that you have tested yourself.

Guide: Tactics Teams Template
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Fusion CategoryShadow Dragon Saga CategoryPeppy Gals Category
Hybrid Saiyans CategoryResurrected Warriors CategoryRealm of Gods CategoryMajin Buu Saga CategoryPotara Category
Stages 21 - 30
Universe Survival Saga CategorySuper Saiyan 3 CategoryGiant Form CategoryTransformation Boost CategoryGinyu Force Category
Movie Bosses CategoryPure Saiyans CategoryFuture Saga CategoryFull Power CategoryAndroids Category
Stages 31 - 40
Representatives of Universe 7 CategoryWicked Bloodline CategoryTime Travelers CategoryUniverse 6 CategoryMovie Heroes Category
Goku's Family CategoryVegeta's Family CategoryYouth CategorySuper Saiyans CategoryFinal Trump Card Category
Stages 41 - 50
Exploding Rage CategoryRevenge CategoryTeam Bardock CategoryInhuman Deeds CategoryEarthlings Category
Special Pose CategoryMajin Power CategoryRapid Growth CategoryAll-Out Struggle CategorySaviors Category
Stages 51 - 60
Planet Namek Saga CategoryJoined Forces CategorySiblings' Bond CategoryWorthy Rivals CategoryAndroids-Cell Saga Category
Kamehameha CategoryBond of Master and Disciple CategoryTerrifying Conquerors CategorySuper Saiyan 2 CategoryPower Absorption Category
Stages 61 - 70
Low-Class Warrior CategoryArtificial Life Forms CategoryBattle of Wits CategorySpace-Traveling Warriors CategoryGiant Ape Power Category
Connected Hope CategoryCorroded Body and Mind CategoryMiraculous Awakening CategoryPowerful Comeback CategoryGifted Warriors Category
Stages 71 - 80
World Tournament CategoryPlanetary Destruction CategoryBattle of Wits Category