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Event Rabbit Dokkan big.png
Awakening Medals
Awak med 32901.png
Recruit Cards
Card 1009800 thumb.png
Release Date Info Icon.png Japan server.png 23 Mar 2017
Global server.png 22 May 2017
Weakness Goku (Youth)
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
Clear the stages with Goku (Youth)! Collect Awakening Medals to Dokkan Awaken Bulma!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon.png
Level 1: The Rabbit Mob Hits the Scene
Normal Thumb.png
Normal Small.png
STA.pngSTA 8.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1008460 thumb.pngCard 1008470 thumb.png STR icon.pngPHY icon.png 1600 4000 4000 No.png 1
Level 2: Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch
Hard Thumb.png
Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 12.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1009800 thumb.png INT icon.png 5160 10000 10000 Awak med 32901.png
Card 1009800 thumb.png
Z-Hard Thumb.png
Z-Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 20.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1009800 thumb.png EINT icon.png 13200 20000 20000 Awak med 32901.png
Card 1009800 thumb.png

Additional information
  • Stage 2:
    • Card 1009800 thumb.png: [Hard] 150000 HP • [Z-Hard] 300000 HP
    • Card 1009800 thumb.png changes Ki Spheres into Carrot sphere.png rendering them useless.
    • Selectable Friend character: Only Card 1008480 thumb.png with SA Lvl 7/10, and level 20 Evasion unlocked in Hidden Potential.
    • Player's team must include Goku (Youth), who can deal normal damage to Card 1009800 thumb.png and nullify his massive damage-reducing skill.

  • Clear stage 2 of the Rabbit Mob Event 1 time: Turtle.png x3
  • Clear Stage 2 of the Rabbit Mob Event 3 times: Bulma Teen.png x3
  • Clear Stage 2 of the Rabbit Mob Event 5 times: DS icon.png x1
  • Clear Stage 2 of the Rabbit Mob Event 7 times: Turtle.png x4
  • Clear Stage 2 of the Rabbit Mob Event 10 times: Card 1009800 thumb.png x1 Bulma Teen.png x4

Card 1015950 thumb.png Card 1016570 thumb.png Card 1013320 thumb.pngCard 1010610 thumb.png
Card 1015430 thumb.png Card 1020260 thumb.pngCard 1008360 thumb.png Card 1016560 thumb.png Card 1002250 thumb.pngCard 1009020 thumb.png Card 1009870 thumb.png
Card 1015730 thumb.pngCard 1002240 thumb.png Card 1005460 thumb.png

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Card 1003980 thumb.png Awak med 32901.png x77 Card 1008490 thumb.png Card 1008490 thumb.pngx4
Card 1004180 thumb.png Awak med 32901.png x77 Card 1008480 thumb.png Card 1008480 thumb.pngx4
Card 1010100 thumb.png Awak med 32901.png x100 Card 1010330 thumb.png
Total amount for all
Awak med 32901.png x254 Awak med 32901.png x 616 Awak med 32901.png = 870

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