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News banner plain camp 20191129 large
The Cold is Tough! Winter Campaign is on!

A New Story Event and a new Dokkan Event will appear one after another!! 

Earn Dragon Stones every day through login bonuses and missions! Furthermore, Dokkan Festivals and the AGL Character-Exclusive Summon will be available! Pan (GT) and Hyper Meta-Rilldo will be able to Dokkan Awaken!

Enjoy the campaign to get away from this cold winter!

News banner login bonus 20191129 small
The Cold is Tough! Winter Login Bonus!

News banner plain camp 20191129 mission small A
The Cold is Tough! Winter Missions!

News banner gasha 00649 small
Dokkan Festival: Android #13

News banner gasha 00651 small
Category Summon: Target: Goku!

News banner plain camp 20170315 B
Super Dragon Stone SALE!

News banner event 556 small
New Dokkan Event!

News banner event 372 small
New Story Event!

Event Taipion story small News banner event 333 small
Returning Story Events!

News banner gasha 00238 small
Mysterious Ritual Summon

News banner dairansen 001 small
New Ultimate Clash!

News banner gasha 00653 small
Extreme Z Dokkan Festival: Super Vegito!

News banner gasha 00655 small
Category Summon: Transformation Boost!

News banner gasha 00656 small
AGL Character-Exclusive Summon!

News banner event zbattle 032 small
New Extreme Z-Battle!

News banner event zbattle 028 small EN news banner event zbattle 029 small
Returning Extreme Z battle!

EN news banner event 512 small
EN news banner event 502 4 C2
Dokkan Events available every day!

News banner event 348 small
Returning Story Events!

News banner event 160 small
Returning Special Events!
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