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Event Shikon warrior big.png
Quest top banner 417.png
Awakening Medals
Awak med 31012.png
Recruit Cards
Card 1002900 thumb.png
Release Date Info Icon.png Japan server.png 12 Nov 2015 Info Icon.png
Global server.png unknown Info Icon.png
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
A new Super Strike Event is now on! Collect the Awakening Medals to Dokkan Awaken Tien!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon.png
Level 1: Full-Hearted Fighter
Normal Thumb.png
Normal Small.png
STA.pngSTA 4.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1002900 thumb.png AGL icon.png 1600 2000 2500 Card 1002900 thumb.png 0-1 0
Hard Thumb.png
Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 6.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1002900 thumb.png AGL icon.png 5160 4000 4900 Card 1002900 thumb.png 0-1 0
Z-Hard Thumb.png
Z-Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 7.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1002900 thumb.png or
Card 1002900 thumb.pngCard 1001460 thumb.png
SAGL icon.png or
SAGL icon.pngSSTR icon.png
9900 10000 9500 Card 1002900 thumb.png 1
Level 2: Proud Martial Artist
Z-Hard Thumb.png
Z-Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 12.png
Blank Thumb.png
1st.pngCard 1002900 thumb.png
2nd.pngCard 1006600 thumb.png
SAGL icon.png
SAGL icon.png
16500 25000 15000 Awak med 31012.png 2 1

Additional information
  • Level 1: May also drop AGL icon.png training items and AGL icon.png awakening medals.
  • Card 1002900 thumb.png can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Tien cards.

  • Clear Level 2 without using Continue: DS icon.png x1

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Card 1002900 thumb.png Awak med 31012.png x7 Card 1006600 thumb.png Card 1006600 thumb.pngx5* / x27 Card 1006600 thumb.png*
Card 1012110 thumb.pngCard 1010210 thumb.pngCard 1011260 thumb.png
Card 1010210 thumb.png Awak med 31012.png x12 Card 1015140 thumb.png
Total amount for all
Awak med 31012.png x19  Awak med 31012.png x35 / x189 Awak med 31012.png =243 

Strike Events
AGL Fearsome Super EliteThe Best Fighter of West QuadrantThe Full-Hearted FighterProdigy Prince
TEQ Master of MastersThe Mysterious MaskSuccess? Fail? A Fusion of Super ForcesThe Space-Time TravelerThe Divine Demonic Namekian Warrior
INT Savage SovereignVicious Mechanical MonarchGentle DestroyerThe Ancient Space Pirate
STR Mercenary Tao Strikes BackThe Time-Traveling WarriorThe Masked Martial Artist
PHY Cold-Blooded KingVicious Mechanical MonarchSuccess? Fail? A Fusion of Super Forces
Discontinued King Piccolo's SuccessorGuardian of the Sanctuary
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