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Event combat preparation of genius bulma big.png
Awakening Medals
No Awakening Medals
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon.png Japan server.png unknown
Global server.png unknown
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
The Bonus Event is on now! Follow Bulma to get a variety of Support Items along the way! Get prepared for the World Tournament now!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon.png
Level 1: The Genius Bulma's Battle Prep
Normal Thumb.png
Normal Small.png
STA.pngSTA 4.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1002250 thumb.png STR icon.png 150 400 400 Support 1.pngSupport 2.pngSupport 3.pngSupport 4.png 0
Hard Thumb.png
Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 6.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1002250 thumb.png STR icon.png 700 1500 1500 Support 1.pngSupport 2.pngSupport 3.pngSupport 4.png 0
Z-Hard Thumb.png
Z-Hard Small.png
STA.pngSTA 8.png
Blank Thumb.png
Card 1002250 thumb.pngCard 1003980 thumb.png SSTR icon.pngSINT icon.png 1500 8000 8000 Support 1.pngSupport 2.pngSupport 3.pngSupport 4.png 0

Additional Information
  • You get DS icon.png x1 when you clear all difficulties.
  • Items listened below can be obtained on all difficulties.
    • For example, there will also be a low chance of obtaining "Baba" on NORMAL.
Easily Obtainable Items
King.pngBulma support.pngLaunch normal.pngCargo.pngRanfan.pngMoori.png0x King.pngScouter Red.pngOolong AGL.pngOolong TEQ.pngPuar INT.pngPuar STR.pngPuar PHY.pngShu.pngHercule support.pngScouter (Green).png Senzu Bean.pngDende.pngDabura Cookie.pngAndroid 18 support.pngMarron support.pngBulma F support.pngVidel F support.pngPilaf.pngShu2.pngMai.pngRussian Roulette Takoyaki.pngFrog.pngSupport whis.pngKorin Herb Blend.png Baba.pngGhost Usher.pngKing Yemma.pngIcarus.pngBulma future.pngAndroid 8.pngPrincess Snake.pngSupport Shamo.pngChichi (Nurse).pngJaguar.pngGure.pngFruit Support.png

Bonus Events
Beginner's An Epic ShowdownTraining in the Clouds
Bonus The Genius Bulma's Battle PrepTurtle School TrainingHercule's World TournamentBattle for Awakening MedalsBig Bucks Hercule ChallengeTraining at Korin TowerIn Search of Greater Power! God-Level Intensive TrainingMajin Buu's Shape-Up TrainingPan's Secret Adventure
The Winding Snaky Path to King KaiFull of Stamina! Saiyan Gluttons4th Anniversary! Pan's Secret AdventureIchiban Kuji Collaboration! Pan's Secret Adventure
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