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Quest top banner 516
Awakening Medals
Awak med 05161
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server 15 Sep 2016
Global server 25 Jan 2017
Weakness No Weakness
Increased Drop No increased drop
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An extremely difficult event has started now! Battle against the frightening evolved emperor!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Emperor's Obsession
Zhard 20 1stCard 2000040 thumbThum 1002590 1Thum 1002170 1Thum 1002160 1

2ndCard 1000060 thumb
3rdThum 1002150 1

INT iconSTR iconTEQ iconINT icon

ESTR icon

EAGL icon
15000 60000 25000 Awak med 05161 3-6 1
Super 25 1stCard 2000040 thumbThum 1002590 1Thum 1002170 1Thum 1002160 1

2ndCard 1000060 thumb
3rdThum 1002150 1
4thCard 1007390 thumb
5thThum 1002150 1 Countdown KO

EINT iconESTR iconETEQ iconEINT icon

ESTR icon

EAGL icon

ETEQ icon

EAGL icon
18000 100000 30000 Awak med 05161 7 1

Additional information
  • After beating Card 1007390 thumb, he will revert back to his 4th form, with only one health bar (which is roughly 500,000 HP). In this stage, he starts a countdown, and can only be defeated with a Super Attack. You must beat him before the countdown reaches zero (this happens in 2 turns), or he will destroy the planet, doing over 1 million damage.
    • You are able to use a Dragon Stone to revive after he does this.
    • The cards below can withstand a KO-inducing blow, surviving with 1 HP:
      Thum 1005240 1Thum 1005640 1Thum 1011380Card 1011200 thumbCard 1011210 thumb.
    • If the countdown expires whilst you have an invincible card in play (e.g. URBardockGAThumbThumb 4006160Piccolo Big Giant Base ), you will be able to continue fighting Frieza, who will no longer use his Super Attack.
  • Golden Frieza has roughly 2.2 million health.
  • Tip: Stun and Seal both work to prevent the 5th Frieza finishing move.

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Thum 1004090 1 Awak med 05161x35 Card 1008740 thumb Card 1008740 thumb x1 Card 1008740 thumb-Z
Thum 1002100 1 Awak med 05161x35 Card 1008750 thumb Card 1008750 thumb x1 Card 1008750 thumb-Z
Card 1008730 thumb Awak med 05161x77 Card 1007390 thumb Card 1007390 thumb x1 Card 1007390 thumb-Z
Thum 1008790 Awak med 05161x77
Frame SSR AGL thumbSpiralRays_apng.pngCard 1008800 thumbLR icon thumbE.AGL icon thumb
Total amount for all
Awak med 05161 x224 Awak med 05161 x77 Awak med 05161 =301

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