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Unavailable Event
This event has completely been removed from the game.

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Event Snaky Way big
Awakening Medals
No Awakening Medals
Recruit Cards
No Recruit Cards
Release Date Info Icon Japan server unknown
Global server unknown
Weakness No Weakness
Increase Drop No increased drop
No Tactics available
Great chance to earn massive character EXP! Also you now have a chance to get the Ultra Rare Awakening Medals Old Kai & Supreme Kai on Z-Hard! Don't miss out on any golden purple capsules on the map! The further you advance along the snake way, the stronger your opponents are, but you also get more EXP from defeating them! Don't forget to bring Support Items with you! There is a chance to encounter a mysterious opponent if you can ride on the hidden Flying Nimbus. Defeat him and your team will be rewarded with a great amount of EXP!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni
Normal 8 Thum 1001910 1 INT icon 500 65 850
Thum 1001890 1 TEQ icon 1000
Hard 12 Thum 1001910 1 INT icon 500 335 1700
Thum 1001890 1 TEQ icon 1000
Thum 1001900 1 STR icon 1500
Thum 1000120 1Thum 1001910 1Thum 1001890 1Thum 1001900 1 AGL iconINT iconTEQ iconSTR icon 4750
Zhard 15 Thum 1001910 1 SINT icon 500 675 4200
Thum 1001890 1 STEQ icon 1000
Thum 1001900 1 SSTR icon 1500
Thum 1000120 1Thum 1001910 1Thum 1001890 1Thum 1001900 1 SAGL iconSINT iconSTEQ iconSSTR icon 4750
Thum 1001130 1 ETEQ icon 3000
Thum 1000530 1 EINT icon 2500
Thum 1000520 1 EPHY icon 3500
Thum 1001320 1 EAGL icon 4500
Thum 1001090 1Thum 1000530 1Thum 1000520 1Thum 1001320 1 ESTR iconEINT iconEPHY iconEAGL icon 16000
Thum 2000090 1 SSTR icon 15000
Additional Information
  • All Bosses are optional except the Ginyu Force in Z-Hard.
  • Thum 2000090 1 is a hidden boss. You must find a Nimbus Cloud on a map behind a ?space.

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