• I wanted to msg you about to ease up a bit on warning people. We don't want to scare people. Best thing to do is just change the comment and leave it be unless the person used multiple times profanity within a month of time frame.  (2 times in 30 days = warning) Being offensive etc should be given a warning. When someone is rude it's better to change the comment and leave it be. We don't know how the person ment it. It could be a joke etc.

    We don't want to scare people away and we all have our emtional break down when we get bad stuff from summons etc.:P So please don't be to hard on people.

    I am glad that you are bit more active, the extra man power is always welcome :D

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    • It's just a procedure that I have been told to do Dragenser. Edit the comment, warn/inform the user of it, and display what I've done on the Reports Thread. That's all, no ill intent meant. You may just be reading too much into it (not to sound aggressive, of course).

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    • I understand that you don't have any ill intent meant. I think your method is to hard. (I always thought it was hard) If you give people a warning on their first mistake it can come off as being hard/aggressive. I think it's our job to find the middle way between being the the police or the keepers of peace. I would prefer that people don't see us like police.

      Oh btw damn is ok to be used. (as long people don't abuse it) Even cards use that word so please don't mod it.

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    • I really think this is only a matter of perspective. A warning is just cautionary advice. That's what I'm giving. And police are just people doing the jobs nobody else wants to, taking care of violations. Nothing actually wrong with that. Now with the use of the word d*mn, I guess I should only edit it if it's being abused. So there you go.

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