• Hey all,

    I've been sadly stuck at stage 30 of the event for about 2-3 weeks and the closest I ever got was down to his last 3 health bars. Is there any team I can run that is better than the one I've been running?

    Lead: TEQ Golden Frieza TEQ Bardock TEQ Perfect Cell (primary damage and tank) INT Kid Buu TEQ SS3 Angel Goku TEQ Kid Gohan (emergency heal) Friend: INT Angel Golden Frieza

    I've tried switching gohan for a couple different characters, but usually end up running out of health too quickly, any advice is welcome though.

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    • TEQ Bulma when rainbowed and Dokkaned is a good replacement. 

      TEQ Candy Vegito just pray you get lucky and he evades all of his hits. 

      TEQ Majin Buu would be good if you had him. 

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    • Sadly i used to have TEQ buu, but i never used him and fed him to my INT one. Really wish i hadn't, but I guess hindsight is 20/20. As for candy vegito, i did try him for a little while, but he kept getting hit and couldn't tank any damage. Bulma fell under a similar situation, but I may try her again so i can have a secondary healer

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    • Her healing is the best.

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    • yup try with bulma, 3-4 rainbow orbs could save you.

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