• This is my bóx

    I want help to make a team to kill frieza bc i have tried it some times but i cant and i need it for the int fierce battle team

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    • try a majin buu saga team

      Lead: Super Vegito

      ss3 phytenks

      INT Kid Buu

      TEQ buu (Super) - dont block with him, but pair him with kid buu and they will heal you 15% HP from Kidd buu super, 6% from being linked together plus 30% of the damage TEQ buu does - thats a lot of healing (especially on a 170% HP team)

      AGL SS3 Goku 

      PHY SS Trunks (Kid)

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    • Thank you i tried with this team and it actually worked, i didnt have to use recovery items. Now i only have to do it 10 more times

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    • no problem - glad it worked for you

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    • i don´t have any of those buu, I kill Frieza with a Universe Survival Saga team. It cost a bit but I can finally beat him haha

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    • I just used a PHY fusion team with Gogeta Blue as lead, SSJ4 Gogeta, PHY SSJ3 Gotenks, PHY SSJ Gotenks, PHY SSJ Vegito and INT Gogeta (cause I haven't EZAed or rainbowed out the STR Gogeta) and PHY SSJ Gogeta LR as friend

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