• I have a total mix of characters and just started the game a month ago and i dont know wat to do with this
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    • Lead: masked saiyan

      SS4 Gogeta

      INT Gogeta

      PHY Super Vegito

      TEQ Goku black

      SSJKK Goku (best i could think of since he fixes ki issues)

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    • Its a fairly easy event.  I just pulled him as well.  maybe Masked Saiyan, TEQ Gogeta, INT Gogeta, PHY Super Vegito, STR Vegito, STR Vegeta, and I know it doesn't help Bardock but I'd use a LR Vegito Friend cause he'll basically almost 1 shot him

      my choice is almost the same as above I'm really just relying on the LR Vegito friend to murder him and he will.  And hey before you awaken that UR farm the SR TEQ Goku Black so you can raise his SA.  It kind of sucks and is a chore but it'll be worth it.

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    • Thanks this will really help me

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    • Np

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    • A FANDOM user
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