• podrias haacer te un eqipo de ssj junto fusiones de gt por ejemplo:

      SSJ 3 goku gt, ssj 4 gogueta, ssj 4 goku, SSj 3 vegeta gt phy. 

      Y después añadir un omega shenron str y el super 17 dokkan awakened.

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    • O un equipo de ssj3 que seria:

      ssj 3 gotenks teq, ssj 3 goku agl, ssj 3 vegeta como tanque,ssj 3 goku gt, ssj 3 goku int y ssj 3 vegeta gt

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    • O un equipo de fusiones que seria:

      Ssj 4 gogueta, ssj 3 gotenks, ssj gogeta int o str, Ssj gotenks, gotenks forma base y el gotenks y sus fantasmas que saldran pronto

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    • As of right now you have very few leaders for categories or mono types. So forming a team will be hard. My best advice would be to farm LR Vegito blue. He fits on most teams but more importantly he hit hits like a truck and gives you a solid super type lead. You have enough super types to form a few decent setups. But. I would really recommend farming the Ginyu force. That is a free LR and a lot of great units. Then from there just start trying to get as many fierce battle units to get Vegito. Work towards that.

      But the quick and dirty is you have a solid amount of real of God's units.

      INT UI Goku lead AGL SSJB Goku AGL Black rose STR SSJ God Goku And to fill the last two you can use any Vegeta blue. I'd do whichever is more SA or whatever and if that is the EZA Beerus use him. The rage one.

      If it's not the rage Beerus use the STR Zamasu to link with rose and give healing.

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