• Hello everyone, i'm a new player in the JPN server with good cards but no idea of building a team... can someone tell me the posibilities of building i have with this? thank you so much and sorry for my english.

    PD: i have a purple stone to spend in baba's, any sugestion??


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    • Pure saiyans would be your best bet:

      Lead: AGL SSB Evo Vegeta (awaken him)

      LR SSJ4 Vegeta STR

      LR SSJ4 Goku AGL

      TEQ Kaioken Goku (awaken him)

      AGL SSB Goku

      STR SSJ Bardock (awaken him if possible)

      The team should be good enough to awaken at least SSB Evo Vegeta. After that you should be able to farm the SSJ4 events - maybe not at super level, but Z-hard should be possible.

      Just let me know how the team work ;)

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    • thank you so much!! i will try it as soon as posible :3 

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    • do you have any sugestion for the purple stone that could go in that team?

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    • Since you got the new SSJ4 Vegeta and Goku, the available ones with the stone can't be used for your current team. The only addition would be TEQ SSJ3 Goku. He's still good offensivewise but lacks of a defense buff.

      SSJ3 Gotenks could be useful if you wanna do a fusion team anytime soon - he's a beast with his 11 ki super.

      I would still go for TEQ SSJ3 Goku since he's the only one who benefits from the current team.

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    • thank you soooo much!! in just a few hours i'm doing the SSJ4 Goku medals EAZY in z-hard...

      the game have changed for me now... hahaha TY!

      The team:

      a friend sugested me to change AGL SSB Goku for Victory Clincher Goku (GT) (the STR normal gt goku), its ok?

      and the TEQ SSJ3 Goku for TEQ Kaioken Goku????

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    • You can try the STR GT Kid Goku for sure. 

      Do you have any trouble getting of super attacks? STR Bardock just buffs your units but don't offer any ki - he's probably the first to swap out, if you get any other good support card. But for now, let's try the following:

      - Change AGL SSB Goku for STR GT Kid Goku (the one you mentioned above)

      - Change TEQ Kaioken Goku for TEQ SSJ3 Goku 

      If you have any ki issues, check the link skills of the cards.

      You should aim for the following rotations:

      - SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta 

      - AGL SSB Evo Vegeta and and SSJ2 Bardock

      The STR GT Kid Goku and TEQ SSJ3 Goku are floaters.

      Try it out and get back to me if you need any further suggestions :).

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    • Thanx for the help Kev2Sneaker! I just obtained Goku UI now, wich unit i got to change for him?

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    • Probably STR SSJ2 Bardock. You should use UI Goku on the same rotation as AGL SSB Evo Vegeta

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    • the 3rd phase of UI Goku event is dificulting me to awaken him xDDD

      i dont know what to do to mitigate the damage of the 3rd phase

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    • You have to use ghost usher. His super attack kills you instantly, no matter how good your team is.

      Baba would work as well. Only the super attack is deadly. Check this site - you will find everything you need to beat the event there:!_Ultra_Instinct

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    • ok now im beating him with goku ssy4 LR killing before the attack or using ghost  usher... with my LR and the other from a friend theres a lot of burst damage,  soon goku UI in the deck xD ty for the help!!

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    • You're welcome

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